Foam Halo Reach Marine (Bucket to Boot) Build


I was not able to finish onetime. Life got in the way with the dog being sick, rl obligations and lack of energy. But I am determined to finish this. Budget is now going to be constrained due to looking for a house. Purchases are going to have to be strategic in nature.

Printer is finally working again. Im using my old board which runs fine. I suspect I need to do a firmware upgrade to get my silenced one working...future problem...Im reattempting to print the helm again. So far so good. It should be done tonight when I get home from work so I can attempt to assemble some of the pieces and see if I need to reprint to back section.

I have most of the templates cut out to get the chest and back pieces done.

The DMR and pistol came in and look amazing. I messed up on the.dmr by not holding it together tightly enough so it has a bit of a limp. Additionally, I didnt use the right length for pvc pipe so now I need to figure out how to attach the barrel. I would remove it, had I not covered it in woodglue and superglue before realizing my first measurements was incorrect and the pipe was not in it all the way...Apparently woodglue does work with pla but not as well as I'd thought.... I'm thinking of finding some magnets and use them as an attachment system to remove it when I'm traveling to reduce chance of damage.

Oh ya.. I got a dedicated workbenches so that's nice...

Traveling this weekend followed by work trip so I'm not going to have time to really work on this this week. However, I can start running the printer.

Plan for this week.

Trace back foam pieces
Finish helmet?

JPEG_20200202_222643.jpg JPEG_20200310_114839.jpg JPEG_20200124_094658.jpg JPEG_20200310_114839.jpg

Good hardware store friend. She likes the car ride and the many treats we get at ace hardware. Doesnt mind me when I tried to walk home with a 10ft pvc pipe... was not approved by fiance... nor was the right sized.... :/ but the woofle, she protects


Huzzah! Progress! I finally summoned the will to work on the foam sections! I'll probably reprint the helmet T some point. I finally got the back pieces cut out. I need to do a bunch of valleys cuts but! I'm glad I finally made a little progress

Next up is the front and side pieces so the base chest piece is done and test fit before moving onto the front pieces and the legs/shins

Here is me failing to mirror a part but I was able to correct it in short order. JPEG_20200419_192214.jpg JPEG_20200419_191326.jpg


No updates. I've just been lazy. I'm hoping to get a little work done on it by assembling and detailing the thighs.

I am not.sure if the helmet back is going to fit but I am gonna try again and see but I'm fairly certain I messed up the sizing... whoops xD also the obscene amount of support.i used...