Halo Reach Mk V [B] variant. 'Graphite metal'


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I really wanted to paint a helmet and a friend gift me a printed one so let's play!

Screenshot 2024-05-01 210807.png
Screenshot 2024-05-01 210820.png
I came a cross a technic where you buff graphite on the object you want to have a shiny metal look. I am going to attempt it.

First I filled in the layer lines with UV resin, wet sanding between each coat. Next is to smooth out the rest with filler primer, wet sanding between each coat as well. This apparently isn't supposed to take that long but I definitely spent a good amount of time on it..

Once I got it to a smoothness I was happy with I gave it one last coat of filler primer. I am going to leave the base coat gray. It looks like most people paint it black but I don't want too dark of a finish. So I am going to try and get a brighter pop.
Applying the graphite definitely takes more time than just spraying but I think its well worth it! I found shaving a pencil worked best for me and then applying that with a polishing cloth.

I just shaved the graphite right on to the helmet and then rubbed it in.
This is just after one coat! I'm hoping that after I clear coat it will get a bit darker and with enough layers will leave a secure base for weathering later on.

I used a decently heavy duty clear coat to seal in the graphite, not sure about cheaper options but I did not experience any bubbling, clouding or tackiness. Every later after the first coat went on smoothly too.

I think this was well worth it. The benefit of pencil too is that you can use it to colour in the nooks and crannies really well. Look at that shine! This was the result of about 4 coats. There are still some pale parts but I am hoping they get covered up by the paint.
You can also buy bottles of graphite powder in various shades! I've had a bottle that's lasted me for years now!
Time to paint!

Screenshot 2024-05-01 210820.png
I couldn't find the right colour of green for the base, and not really wanting to mix any I ended up buying a brighter green and a darker green.

Greenery green I am going to base the helmet with and olive green I plan to spray over top to tone down the over all colour but hopefully get some of the brighter green creeping through. I have always wanted to try the GOLD brand acrylic spray as it is supposed to have a smooth spray and highly pigmented.



For the parts I want to be silver I used painters tape and clay for some of the thin lines but I am not going to worry about the inside getting any over spray. First 2 coats are the light green and then an even pass with the olive green is giving exactly the two tone effect I was hoping for! You can kind of see the lighter green popping through on the top of the helmet.

My taping was pretty good! There are some places I have to take off some over spray but because I haven't sealed it should come off the clear coat just fine. Next step is the fun part! Weathering and distressing.
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I decided to get a bit more of the metal look back into the paint, so I just took one of the graphite clothes and buffed over the whole helmet. I didn't actually add any graphite, just used the residue.

From there I painted in the yellow triangles and started weathering. Thankfully I did the graphite later well enough that with some pressure the paint layer chipped away really nicely. I was able to chip it off with the edge my pencil too. Which doubled as a silver highlight.

I want there to be a bit more dimension in the paint. The photo from the game looks like there is both a dirt layer and almost a dull yellow as a high light.
For the visor I just used some blue mica powder and added it on layer by layer. Clear coating in between. I wanted to have this done for a photoshoot and didn't have time to make the visor see through. So this ended up working well for the colour.


Last little touches was adding some yellow ocher for highlight and dirt with a dark wash and dark green paint. I just applied it a brush and then blended it with paper towel.

I am very pleased with how this worked out!! My first every Spartan helmet and I got to paint it!!

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