Foam Halo Reach ODST Cosplay WIP

Sniper Queen 67

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I am currently creating a Halo Reach ODST cosplay out of EVA foam. This is actually my first build I have made out of EVA foam and I love the results. I have constructed the upper armor vest and the chest plate. All of the templates I am using were created by Andrew DFT. I will be creating the ab plate next. Check back soon for updates



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Halo suit

Wow your work is super cool, really impressed with all your creativeness! Keep up the good work! Also you should check out my Pinterest of the suit I made, it’s completely custom, I didn’t use any templates it’s all from my eyes just look me up on Pinterest under the name of “Kyles Kreation’s” there I have a breakdown of each piece like the helmet, the torso, shinguards, the gauntlets and the boots. I took the pictures as I was going so it kind of shows a skeleton through finished project and that might help some decide how to start their suits. If you pop on by my Pinterest leave a like and comment that you came from the 405th!