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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Spartan 037, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I've recently started work on my first Halo Fan Film. The Story takes place nine years after Halo 3 and revolves around ONI's secret Spartan III class 4 Project, specifically a team known as sigma.

    I was wondering if any one could help me in acquiring any armor pieces. Any thing any body is willing to donate, sell or let me borrow.


    Mainly UNSC gear. (Most of the guns I'm making myself)

    any 3d files ( Ships or vehicles, 3ds or obj files is all i can really use)

    So if anybody could help it would be gladly appreciated.

    (See post #12 and #114 for Script previews)
  2. Jico

    Jico Well-Known Member

    Nice:D If you need some files from reach, just look on my tread, i resently made Jun's helmet from halo reach^^ Im just waiting for unfold
  3. Trooper Cooper

    Trooper Cooper Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify, you are aware the third class of Spartan IIIs had been completed by the fall of Reach, right? Also, sigma is the 18th greek letter, and they are numbered sequentially - are this unit supposed to be the 18th class, then?
  4. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I was not aware of the other two classes of S III's i will go back in my script and change it to class Four than. I was aware sigma is the 18th greek letter, The team name is for two reasons:

    1. They are the 18th squad

    2. Sigma sounds cool :)
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  5. ImaGonnaGetYou

    ImaGonnaGetYou Well-Known Member

    Not to be a downer, but until you get some serious progress done and ready for showcasing, I wouldn't anticipate donations. If you need a showcase of this, look at Operation Chastity's thread. Started small, got their own progress well underway (If you don't have a fairly big budget, chances are you'll be working for a VERY long time before you can even think about filming), then look for anyone willing to donate (but make sure to offer an incentive that would make that appealing, like a donator column in the credits or something physical).

    Also, as Peter said a bit earlier, pay 100% attention to the story if you don't want to be blasted for not doing so. Halopedia is a great resource for that.

    You might want to start with a script rough draft, revise it until it's presentable, and post it to get some feedback. Make changes as necessary, get to work on props, filming location, and equipment, and move on from there. Armor and weapons should not be your first priority.
  6. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I will do Just That. Thank you.
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  7. Sigma LS

    Sigma LS Sr Member

    My first thought when I saw the title was "What? I haven't made a Fanfilm!"

    Peter is right about the number though. Part of the joke on my name is that my real name is so common that I would be about Sigma on the list of people I know with that name.

    Why not Tau or Theta or some other bit of greek that isn't Alpha, Beta, Omega or Sigma? I would also look at the work Peter has put into his film over the last couple of years to get an idea on just how much effort it takes to make something look good. Two words: Real Warthog.
  8. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I was Considering theta originaly but i decided on Sigma. The Real Warthog is amazing and Props to Peter for it. I plan on doing my warthog CG.
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  9. Trooper Cooper

    Trooper Cooper Well-Known Member

    My best suggestion is read up on Halopedia and come back with a more solid concept. Read and read and read, flesh out your characters and how they can fit canonically within everything else while at the same time being appealing for viewers. It's the best way to survive. :3
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  10. Purrie

    Purrie Member

    Yeah- take everyones advice and read up on Halopedia unless you want an angry mob of spartans with grav hammers and energy swords beating down your front door (I know it sounds cool, but being stabbed with hot plasma would hurt). Even if your effects are awesome, and your script is epic, going against or altering the halo universe will make the fan base turn on you in a heartbeat
  11. soul products

    soul products Well-Known Member

    wait if its nine years in the future that means no, or little covys, whod be the antagonists
  12. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    At first it's just innies but later on It's discovered that the few covenant that remained after Halo 3 were building their strength bake up.

    So here's what i got so far:



    [Alarm Ringing]

    P.A.: All personnel report to stations! Sigma report to briefing room immediately!

    [Arming Scene]

    [Sigma Enters Briefing Room]

    C.O. Smith: Good to see you sigma! The rebels have landed planet side; they’ve set up a camp on the northern side of the continent. We need you to move in and take out the camp.

    Sigma 1: As good as done, sir!

    Sigma 2: Good to finally see some action [pumps shotgun]

    C.O. Smith: Very Good. Now Move Out, Spartans!

    Sigma 1,2&3: SIR, YES, SIR!!!


    [Sigma walks out, Sigma 1 fixing vest]

    Sigma 2: So what’s the plan jack?

    Jack-037: From what I’ve seen of the map, it shouldn’t be too tough. Erica, you will be providing cover fire from the Hills in the south.

    Sigma 3: Got it! [Loads clip into sniper]

    Jack-037: Rex, you will flank left. I’ll move in and try and negotiate. If that doesn’t work [Loads clip into DMR]… least we got a lot of ammo.

    These will actually appear on screen -->{Welcome to Sigma}

    ( like in the game when the top and bottom crop out a little and say the segment title ie. "Into the Belly of the Beast

    Rex-025: HAHA! Guns a’ blazin’! Just the way I like it!

    [Erica chuckles]

    Jack-037: OK let’s move out Sigma!

    [Fade to Black]

    [Long-sword engines heard far off, get closer; pass over as screen fades in]

    Marine on Radio: Sir, there’s too many of them. We need to pull back.

    Sergeant on radio: Marine! When you’re done pissin’ your self, get back in the fight. These good for nothin’ rebels ain’t takin’ Harvest on my watch!

    [Fade to Black]

    [Sigma running across field]

    [Stops at top of hill]

    Jack-037: Command, we are in position. [Into mic]

    Command: Copy that Sigma 1. Proceed with caution, the rebels are well armed.

    Jack-037: Copy that Command, Sigma Out.

    [Erica looks through sniper scope]

    Erica-034: Command’s right, those guys are well prepared.

    Rex-025: Never stopped us before…

    Jack-037: OK, you guys know the plan. Let’s Move!

    [Sigma 1 & 2 advance]

    Rebel 1: Oi! Who are you?

    Jack-037: I’m a Peacekeeper. I’m here to negotiate a treaty with your leader.

    Rebel 1: Right! Stay right there and no funny business.

    [Rebel Leader walks out of tent, pulls out pistol and fires a shot at Jack]

    {Eulogy for a Dead Planet}

    [Jack runs back]


    [3 sniper shots are heard as 3 rebels fall dead]

    [All rebels are advancing on jack’s location]

    Rebel leader: I want the Freak dead! Keep Firing!

    Jack-037: Rex! I could use a hand over here!

    Rex-025: On It!

    [Rex runs out and begins shooting rebels with his shotgun, stabs one with knife]

    Rex: HAHA! Come Get Some [fires a shell at a crawling rebel]

    Erica (over radio): Sir, Rebel leader is trying to make his escape.

    Jack: Take the shot! Don’t let him escape!

    [Erica is about to take the shot when a rebel tackles her]

    Jack: DAMN IT!

    [Jack fires 4 shots from DMR and kills rebel who tackled Erica]

    [Jack and Rex Run up hill to Erica]

    Jack: You Ok? [Helps her up]

    Erica: yeah, I’m fine.

    Command: All UNSC Report to Evac Stations immediately. We are ordering planet wide evacuations. I repeat all UNSC personnel are ordered to fall back to Evac Stations.

    Jack: Command, This Is Spartan 037.

    Command: Sigma, What’s your Sit-Rep?

    Jack: Rebel camp has been breached but their leader Escaped.

    Command: *damn* Sigma Move Back To Alpha Sector For Evac.

    Jack: Copy That, Command. [Turns to team] We have to Get Oscar Mike; All Ships are pulling Out of the System.

    (Over Radio) ECHO-500: I have time for one last Pick-up. Any Soldiers in need of a Dust Off, Please Respond.

    Jack: Good to hear some one’s still doin’ pick-ups. ECHO-500, This is Sigma Team; we are 3 Clicks East of ONI Alpha Sector…

    ECHO-500: Say no more Sigma Moving to the tree line for Pick-Up.

    Jack: Rodger that, Thanks ECHO-500.

    [Sigma makes a run for the tree line]

    [Fade To Black]

    [Pelican Drop ship seen flying towards a large group of ships on the edge of the system]

    ADM. Kepler: ECHO-500, ONI wants you to dock with my ship.

    ECHO-500: Understood, Admiral.

    [Pelican flies and Docks at the UNSC Grey Hawk]

    [Focus on Kepler standing in his office, Sigma Team walks in]

    Jack: [Salute] You Asked to See Us, Sir?

    Kepler: Yes. ONI has assigned you to my vessel, as you already know, so I’ve been looking at your service records and I have to say, I’m Impressed. Liberation of Cairo, Battle of the Thermopylae Station, Your training at Alpha Sector. Very Impressive.

    Sigma in Unison: Thank You, Sir.

    Kepler: OK, Roland. Get us the hell out of here.

    A.I. Roland-9034: Initiating, Sir.

    [Focus on ship jump to Slip Space]


    Epsilon Eridani System



    [Focus on Planet]

    Kepler: March 4th, 2561. Personal Log, Admiral James Kepler. It’s been two years since the Rebels took Harvest. Sigma has proven that they are the best The UNSCDF have to offer. Operations at New Paris, The Battle of Tau Ceti, Even the recovery efforts on Reach. Yet I feel worried, like something is about to happen and Sigma isn’t even going to be able to stop it.

    [Ship moves left to right toward planet]

    Kepler: Roland, what do you got for me?

    Roland: ONI has been get unusual reports from dig site omega.

    Kepler: What do you mean Unusual?

    Roland: Some workers have gone missing as well as supplies.

    Kepler: Really?

    Roland: It gets worse. This morning they found the foreman dead. Plasma burns were found on him and the wall behind him.

    Kepler: That’s Impossible! They were wiped out NINE years ago!

    [Alarm sounds]

    Roland: Disturbance at OMEGA site. ONI is requesting Sigma’s Assistance.

    Kepler: Get them suited up and ready for Combat Insertion.

    Roland: AYE AYE, SIR!

    [Focus on Sigma suiting up]

    Jack: We are needed planet Side ASAP. Get the Lead out Sigma!

    Erica & Rex in Unison: Aye Aye, Corporal!

    [Focus on under side of ship as 3 Pods are dropped]

    Kepler over radio: Jack, I’m uploading your new Battle Ready A.I. to your Neural Interface.

    A.I.: Hello, I am A.I. Unit 7034. Codename: LEELA.

    Jack: Nice to meet you LEELA. Lets hit the ground running here, See if you can hack into the Security cams at OMEGA site and give me a heads up.

    LEELA: As good as done, Corporal!

    [View of Inside of Drop Pod]

    [Leela appears on Screen in pod]

    Leela: You’ve got 2 brutes guarding some kind of tunnel.

    Jack: That’s it?

    Leela: If only. I picked up multiple life forms INSIDE the tunnels as well as a large power source of some kind.

    Jack: Well then… [Pod hits ground and Jack Gets out]… Let’s get started.

    {Descent Into Darkness}
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  13. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    That is a awsome script!!! Do you need any plasma grenades??? I'll sell you 1 or two id you want them, Just tell me a number.
  14. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    1 for right now. if i need a couple more though i'll PM you. Thanks man
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  15. Trooper Cooper

    Trooper Cooper Well-Known Member

    What's your intended run-time on this? Also, personally, while it doesn't necessarily matter to you, I wouldn't post scripts openly.
  16. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    I'm Hoping to get more than a Half an hour. I have more to my script thats just the first scene, but i see what you mean.
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  17. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    sorry for the double post. Here is a pic i just did
  18. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    Nice man.
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  19. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I haven't found an ODST pod in a format that i could use so i used a model from warhammer until i can find one.
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  20. Camofred

    Camofred Jr Member

    so are you doing the armor as SPI or the crap-that-makes-little-sense from Reach? and not to be a fanboy, but the spartan 3 Program was created during the covenant war to trade lives for time with the survival of two out of two classes totaling 600. they where made "better with new technology. Make more of them. And make them cheaper." squads were a total of three, four or six members using MA5K Carbines, Grenades, Snipers and captured Jackal shields, energy swords, or anything they could get there hands on. they were trained to act exclusively in teams with a large amount of training focusing on squad tactics. they were also augmented less strenuously to keep costs down, preventing the use of mjonir armor. and while it is implied the the third company Gamma,was completed by the time of the battle of reach, it is not directly stated.(Please someone check the time stamps in Ghosts of Onyx for me, Cant find my copy)in short it seems unlikely after the end of the war, the destruction of onyx, and the death of Kurt that a forth class would be trained. and the numbers of S3's was letter of company,number from 001 to 300. gamma 256 would be G256
  21. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    These SIII's were created ( Much like the SII's) to fight the innies who thought that after the human-covenant war was an oportune time to take on the weakened UNSC. They are treated more like humans instead of expendable tools, Their augmentation made them as fast and as smart as the SII's but not as strong ( They are basically like a Hybrid, A Spartan 2.5 if you will) At the begining of the movie their gear is vary simple because of the UNSC's lack of funding ( i mean they just got out of a war where they were pushed to the point of extinction) but they get bettter grade stuff as the movie goes on. MC will not be in it but the ending i have planned involves him and leaves it open for a sequal. Also a cutscene after the credits.

    I may have said to much but i have not revealed any Major plot points, so i should be good. lol
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  22. Camofred

    Camofred Jr Member

    ok ok im now seeing where your putting the story into the universe this helps add perspective so we know whats going on. and another continuity side note, during the human-covvy war the only action in the Tau Ceti system was Operation first strike. is the action your talking about after the war and how so? an the SIII's being as smart as SII's is debatable. is the UNSC still using illegal drugs to make the SIIIs aggressive or not and how does this effect the story? an again SPI or Reach armor?
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  23. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    Tau Ceti in the movie was a small battle ( more of a rescue mission but with large amount of fighting) where Sigma was sent to Rescue an ONI spook who was captured by local Innies. Their augmentation was a mix of the SIII (Only some Drugs) and the Spartan II's. There is a twist near the middle of the movie Involving ONI and the use of highly unstable prototype Drugs. For the armor they start with light weight tactical gear and then it's upgraded (after the before stated twist) to a MK 7 armor that i've been doing concept drawings of. The MK 7 takes design elements of the MK5 the Reach armor and the SPI. i would upload the concept pics i have but i am not what you would call an artist, so....
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  24. Camofred

    Camofred Jr Member

    ok ok see? you have to give information on exactly what is going on, especially when something is pre-established the the SIIIs i have been trying to write and i find that i need to explain something in detail. it is not just armor or a gun to me, it has layers and functions and shapes and can confuse someone if not explained in a proper manner. ind what weapon props are u going to use? what marine armor do you need? the 3 halo games take place over the course of 4-5 months and reach right before haloe 1 so armor is not going to look the same in nine years.
  25. Spartan 037

    Spartan 037 Well-Known Member

    The marine helmet i have not decided whether to use the Halo 1 or Halo 3 version ( leaning towards the H1. Green eyepiece FTW) For weapons i plan on making most if not all of them out of wood. as to armor, i have a really tight budget (damn economy) so for right now i could just make do with a couple of helmets ( mainly regular marine helmets though odst's do show up later on, but i'll deal with that when i come to it) With the MK7, it's only some of the design elements of the previous armors. The Black cap of the MK5, the roundness of the SPI, the basic shape of the Reach helmet.
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