Halo/Starwars Mashup: 501st ODST (Edited)


I know I've been silent for a long while, but I emerge with a new project! I am 3d printing ODST armor, and painting it like the character Hardcase from Starwars: the Clone Wars. I received my 3d Printer back in June (I think). It is a Cr10S5. After nearly 2 months of assembling, troubleshooting, and crying, I have been able to successfully print 3d models! I have wanted to 3d print ODST Armor since I first ordered it. The 3d Model I am using was made by MoeSizzlac, and the helmet by SkookumProps. The helmet has already been printed and painted. All it needs now is some padding, a visor, and maybe some enamel.


After scaling the armor in armor smith and slicing the models, I have determined that I will need 7.5Kg of filament for the armor, and it will take 48 days to print.


So far, (Besides the helmet) I have two back plates, the biceps, the COD, and the belt is printing as I am typing this thread.


I'll keep you all updated as I go. I'm hoping to print, bondo and sand during the colder months, and once WIsconsin warms up in spring, I'll be ready to paint and take this all with me to college!

Also, I do plan on making an AIE-486H. That'll be fun :)


Update: I have more pieces printed! Both hips and the belt are good to go. The chest was almost done, but the supports decided to bail on me. I am currently printing the lower back piece, and the chest is redesigned.


In other news, I'm considering changing my Hardcase ODST into a basic 501st ODST. It would have more blue paint on the armor, and I could easily put my GT LegacyAlloy227 on the armor, rather than inherit Hardcase as a second name.