Halo Wars BETA!!


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okay, maybe i over reacted. but dude dont say that its something new and halo related that isnt. because if your here you tend to be crazy about halo, so seeing that there was a beta, rushed in here, and went to your mini city (which ive already done a few times) i just dont appreciate you doing that, just because you feel like you need to meet an agenda.

Primal Weyland

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Xavier said:
your a retarded fag.
I take offense to that statement.

Also, at the original poster: that was incredibly stupid and immature. Please remove the link and apologise.
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well first clue shoulda have been click here to download

its xbox360 only :p lol

plus if u also just hover over the link look at the bottom left of your browser it will tell you what the link goes to

i do agree though it was kinda gay, its like those mafia death things..there retarded as hell


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The people taking part of this thread are showing how immature they are, not just the creator of this thread, but certain members aren't setting a good example for others.

I do agree the thread was useless, but I wouldn't go off and start arguing and calling each other names. I was disappointed to see that the beta wasn't out, but I was tricked into another mini city spam thread.