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i was thinking and i took a glance at eternals hand of chief and i was thinking about doing one from all three halos together. halo 1 with one finger up, 2 with two, and halo 3 with 3 fingers up. in a circl or triangle? hopefully i will have a pic of what i am talking about soon
Sound cool man let me know if you need any advise on the material i used and such. I just finished one for my other brother that i painted red, it's not in that thread yet but when i get around to taking some picture i will post them there.
what i really wanted to know is how did you cast your hand, i mean you put your hand into the bucket but how did you get y our hand out of the mold, i was also thinking bendable mannequien hands and making the hand armor.
I beleive there is a link to the place that i got the materials to make the molds In my thread, It is called Algesafe, it is a skin safe flexable mold, you simply dip your hand in and hold it there for the time it takes to cure, once it is cured it will be super strong Jello i donk know how to explain it, but it will flex enough for you to pull your hand out, you have to be carefull if you are gonna have fingers up though you need to cast in something strong so when you demold they don't break off, Plaster is what i used to cast but you may want to use something stronger, these molds are are only good for one cast because you simply cut away the mold to get the cast out.
i have watched the H3 trailer a dozen times and i havnt seen the knuckle fronts that you put on your "Fist of Master Chief" i am looking at the possibility of bendable hands
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