MA40 Nerf Blaster, **early hands on**


Shhh, you aren't suppose to be getting these for another month.
Anyway, here's mine that came in Australia. Ruler & controller is there for size reference, it is 76cm long so it looks to be 1:1 scale so I'm happy with that. Will be modding a real light, ammo counter, swap out for a better slimmer muzzle & a professional paintjob.


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Seems like prices recently went up $20 most places on these. I have it on good authority that one of these will be under our Christmas tree. Actually youngest son wanted one as well. My wife thought it was pretty funny that both of us said the same thing independently when she was prying for info on what we'd like. :) She found them back at the $49 with free shipping.

It'll be getting a paint job so it'll look pretty slick. I'm looking forward to it!
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