Helldivers 2 B-01 Helmet / ODST Mashup


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This is my first thread so I am new to the documentation portion of cosplay, and first time making a helmet.
The helmet I am making is a Helldivers 2 B-01 Helmet, the default helmet used in the game when you start out but my take on it will be a mix of Helldivers with ODST themed Paint scheme and decals. This helmet will be used as a mashup with my (unfinished at the moment) Sean Bradley ODST kit which will use the same colors.
The helmet files are provided by GalacticArmory through their patreon, the files were scaled by default to a 24" head size. The dome piece had to be split to allow for bed size, the prints took between 3-11 hours. The longest being 11 hours 24 minutes for the Visor Buck. I wanted it to take its time slowed down and decreased layer height to provide a smoother surface for when the visor will be vacuum formed by myself.

Printer- Bambu X1 Carbon
Material- Hatchbox PLA (black)
Paint- Rustoleum Black for the main sections, Rustoleum Chrome for the vents, and detail paint like the stripes will be Ford Engine Green. This is to tie into another hobby of working on a 1930 Ford Model A truck with my dad and brother and also green is our favorite color. We plan to use this same green for detail coloring in our ODST kits.

I plan to use the ODST emblem in place of the Helldivers skull emblem on the sides of the helmet, if I am to make a cape I will do the same for the emblem on that.

I will try to keep the thread updated and motivation high, cannot wait to show others and see the project finished.
Front n Details.JPG
Top Piece 2.JPG

Top Piece.JPG

Excuse the dirty mirror :P
Looks realy good, can`t wait to see the complete armore
I am not so certain that I will be making any sort of armor specifically to go with the helmet as I currently have my SB ODST kit to still complete and cosplay suits lined up already after that, but this helmet will go nicely with my completed ODST suit. The colors will be the same and my wife has made a design to replace the Helldivers skull on the side with something more fitting for the UNSC aspect. I'll post that after I get some more work done on the helmet.
With the Visor buck printed I sanded it smooth with 220 grit sandpaper before applying some primer filler, still some more to go at it but quickly it’s smoothing out. I’m not sure exactly why but the top part in the middle of the buck was pretty rough as compared to the rest of the print, my thought is it could be from the speed of the X1C. The printer was set for “standard” which is 100% but that is still pretty fast.
Hoping to get the helmet assembled and primed this weekend while also finishing the buck and possibly forming a visor or two.


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Unfortunately I had plans come up over the weekend but here’s what I got so far.


Got the helmet officially glued together.

There are some gaps between the parts that I will have to fill. I was hoping to avoid having gaps like I do but I was trying a quick glue and it set quickly, but the bond feels strong so there’s that. They’ll just get extra attention with bondo filler putty, as for the top of the helmet I plan on using an orbital sander to help get that smooth. I’m not quite sure why it came out so rough but I plan to tweak the printer to prevent that from happening again but the filament used has been open to air for a few years. I was just trying to get rid of and use as much as I could.


And here is the visor buck, I initially sanded with 220grit for at least 30 minutes straight and then one pass of filler primer then sanded with 1500 grit. It’s incredibly smooth and the main rough spot in the middle smoothed out really well. I’ll let it go and try forming a visor on it before spending too much time on making it perfect. It’ll be dyed black so I doubt any imperfections will be well seen.

Since the last update my wife had a decal worked up and can’t wait to show that but I’ll be waiting until the helmet is finished for that.

Still thinking about trying to make a cape also to go onto my ODST kit along with this helmet, I feel like that’ll really sell it as a mashup.
With the helmet still taped together at the time, we had gotten excited, so I suited up with what I have of my SB ODST and gave the helmet a try. We were pleased.

Also images of the glue used and the helmet during the sanding / putty phase

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