Helljumper armor

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hey does anyone know if their is anyone working on Helljumper armor? I think it'd be a lot easier to do than Mjolnir armor, since it doesn't cover the whole body. In fact, other than the arm guards, their is just the helmet (which would probably be the hardest part to complete), the body armor, and the larger than life boots they wear.

To be honest though, I think the helljumper armor could use a redesign, the boots are just way out of proportion (i'm sure they are supposed to be some kind of pneumatic lift boot, you know so that they can keep up wtih a Spartan), and the helmet, while functional with the large face plate, is kinda ugly...
we should work on that. It would be easier to make .. . does anyone have any good high resolution photos?
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I was wondering if this proje ever got finished or even started for that matter, and does anyone know how much it would cost for a cheap build, but duriable enough for a paintball game, I am assuming the paintballs would wash off or am I wrong? also if you need refrenc pics I can get alot of ODST Armor screens, and drawings
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