Hello Again From The 2008 Dragon*con Parade!

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OK this is it... Looks like 25 of us are going. If you ARE NOT on the list PM me AND Copy and add your NOME NOT tag NAME

Joshua Gorman
Sean Bradley
Walter Green (Spase)
Darin Chapman
Robert Westerfield
Eric Fisher
Erica Langworthy
Michael Vroegop
Matt(hew) Treaster
Mark Pafford
Bill Bray
Gabriel (Gabe I think)
Peter Cooper
Alex Sala

(Yes, it's really me! My other email accounts were not cooperating and won't let me attach any files. So.....)

Hello Again From the 2008 Dragon*Con Parade!

Thank you for registering. We look forward to each parade because of you! The basic information you need for participating in the parade at-con is contained in the text of this email. By following the requests below, you assist us in making this a wonderful experience for everyone.

Parade Section Designation:

You have been assigned to the Amer SF/F section of the 2008 Dragon*Con Parade. If you believe your costume doesn't fit in this section, please let us know!

When You Get to Dragon*Con

Check-in with us!! Parade staff will be manning a table just outside the convention registration/badge pick-up area (Grand Hall in the Hyatt Regency, Exhibit Level).

If you received this email you MUST check-in with us and pick-up your parade ribbon(s) ***( I Will Pick UP ALL the RIBONS FOR THE 405th ) ****on Thursday or Friday.
Hours: Thursday 4:00 - 9:30 PM
Friday 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM

Parade Morning, Saturday, 8/30/2008

The parade goes on rain or shine, with the exception of continued downpours and/or weather conditions that threaten the safety of our participants. If the sun shines or the sky is overcast or there's intermittent but clearing rain or it just keeps on drizzling - we'll put on a parade!


8:30 - 9:00 AM Parade vehicles arrive for staging
9:00 - 9:30 AM Participant line-up/parade section staging
9:45 AM Line-up/staging of both marchers and vehicles
is final
10:00 AM Step-off onto Peachtree Street

Line-Up/Staging Information

Where Do We Start: Woodruff Park (Peachtree St and Auburn Ave, about 4.5 blocks south of the Hyatt Regency)

Unless otherwise directed, parade vehicles (cars, trucks, floats) are lined up on Auburn Avenue and Park Place (fountain side of Woodruff Park). D*C Parade Staff will direct you into place.

Marchers are staged on Park Place in front of the Sun Trust Building, on the sidewalk running beside the park, and in front of the fountain on Auburn Avenue. Marchers and motorcycle/scooter riders, should look for a sign with your parade section name on it, or look for like costumes. That’s where you should line-up, not with the cars and trucks.

Please follow the instructions and/or directions from D*C Parade Staff, members of D*C Security, and the ATL PD, only. This greatly cuts down on confusion and reshuffling.

Once we’re ready to go, your parade section will be called “on deck” and then given the 'move out command' meaning you’ll be starting the march on Peachtree. Marchers will be given signals by Leigh Bennett-Conner (X Track Director) who welds a bullhorn with flair. Vehicles will be merged into the parade on the signals from the Parade Staffers who assisted you into staging positions.

Please note, during staging and step-off, we are not yelling at you to be mean or because we’re rude, honest. We really love it that you’re there! However it tends to be a bit chaotic at times, can be extremely loud, and we have to get everyone onto Peachtree Street in a very short amount of time. When you hear your group called, please move forward quickly.

Our Parade Route:

From Woodruff Park at Auburn Avenue follows Peachtree Street north, back to the Hyatt Regency (approximately 4.5 blocks), turns right onto Baker Street (two blocks) and turns right again onto Courtland Street. The parade ends at the Marriott's rear entrance, across from the Hilton, on Courtland Street. the route is approximately 1/2 mile long on mostly level streets. (map attached to this email)


We ask that you move away from the area quickly, following the instructions from Parade Staff, D*C Security and/or the ATL PD stationed in that area.

If you are meeting friends immediately following the parade, do not plan to meet in the Marriott’s back entrance area.

The Coffee Shop of Horror is once again providing a water station at disband. Please remember to thank them. And, take only one beverage per person.

A Few IMPORTANT Reminders for Everyone

1. Use common sense and show courtesy for all involved with the parade.

2. Show up on time and be patient during staging/line-up.

3. Prepare yourself for the weather (bring along water, don’t forget sunscreen).

4. No costume is no costume! Remember the parade is held on city streets and decency laws will apply. Watching the parade is open to the public, small children and other impressionable beings will be along the route. Additionally street/everyday clothing, unless it's identifiable with a character, isn't appropriate for the parade. Please choose your
costume wisely.

5. When tossing trinkets and/or candy to the crowd, please use a slow, low and gentle, underhand toss or place them directly in the recipient’s hands. No overhand or strike-out pitches and no projectiles, please!

6. No flash pots, explosive devices, fireworks or loaded devices of any kind. Absolutely not allowed, period.

7. Non-working or prop weapons (part of your costume) are OK. The Atlanta PD escorts the parade and may make swift response to any action they deem inappropriate or threatening. Think about how you brandish your weapon. A reminder that any weapon carried at D*C must be peace bonded and approved by D*C Security, who will also be on hand at the parade.

8. If you have a question about whether or not something will be allowed - ask beforehand!!

9. Have fun! Have fun! Have Fun!

We reserve the right to remove any person(s) or prop (including banners, flags or signs, and weapons) from the parade, at any time, that is deemed offensive, potentially dangerous or otherwise inappropriate for the event. The Dragon*Con Parade is a politics-free zone and not the appropriate venue for political actions or activities including but not limited to protesting/demonstrating for or against organizations, persons, laws, issues, etc. that impact our everyday lives outside of Dragon*Con).

Looking forward to seeing you at Dragon*Con!
JP and the most excellent D*C Parade Staff

Quick Parade Reminders

When You Get to Dragon*Con ( I Will Do THIS )

Check-in at our table when you get to con to pick-up your parade
ribbons and get up-to-the-minute parade information.

We'll be located just outside convention registration/badge pick-up
(Hyatt Regency, Grand Hall 'lobby', Exhibit Level) on Thursday
(4-9:30 PM) and Friday (9:30 AM-9:30 PM).

Parade Morning (Rain or Shine)

DATE: Saturday Morning, August 30

WHERE: Woodruff Park (Peachtree Street and Auburn Avenue)
about 4.5 blocks SOUTH of the Hyatt Regency’s front entrance

Parade Vehicles and drivers: be there no later than 9:00 AM
All other Parade Participants: be there no later than 9:30 AM

Staff will assist you to make sure you are in line-up order for the parade.
When we are ready to go and you hear your group called, please move

Route is about ½ mile long, on mostly level streets, and should take about
45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. We begin at Woodruff Park, march
NORTH on Peachtree to Baker, and end at the Marriott’s back entrance
on Courtland Street, across from the Hilton.

Parade starts at 10:00 AM
Good luck everyone. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and a couple of videos. Man, it makes me wish I was down there.

- Adulese
Well since I won't have a costume ready for this event, you might as well take me off there. I will take pictures for everyone of the whole parade especially our group. I can bring a small DV video camera if someone is willing to take care of it and film while I'm taking pictures.

Thanks for the update Rob, I was curious about a few of the things that were covered in this.

Be there with bells on! :D
im so pissed i cant go. i was getting ready to get my stuff ready, but my parents are taking us on a law partner trip to the beach, sad face. miss yall, and have fun
23Magnum said:
Well since I won't have a costume ready for this event, you might as well take me off there. I will take pictures for everyone of the whole parade especially our group. I can bring a small DV video camera if someone is willing to take care of it and film while I'm taking pictures.


I might be along side Magnum, it's a 50-50 that I have my armor ready. :cautious:
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LastSpartan said:
Well I'll check those videos from here and get you some pub on Halo.fr and HBO.
If you're talking about the video that I might be taking, it would be a while till those got uploaded. Maybe a week or so.
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Okay well send it to me (when it's done) via email, I could get it uploaded on the ftp, so it's better than the Youtubish quality.
Well that is that, I am packing the Van

We are in E30 stop by and say HI, I will set up the 405 table after I up load the store.

MY # is 727 523 1151 call if you ned

See you there.

Noobs, Red rules, Blue sucks!

Love Robbie
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