Hello everyone


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Hello everyone, I’m not exactly sure how to really introduce myself but I’ll do my best.

Hello, my name is Devon, i was introduced to this community yesterday at the si-fi valley con, I haven’t played many halo games but i do enjoy the lore of the universe. I’ve served with Civil Air Patrol for around 5 years and have enjoyed almost every second of it, im certified to be a firefighter and I’m working on my emt-b certificate. Currently I am employed as a nutritional aide and do other odd jobs around here and there. I donno what else to put here so feel free to ask questions.


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One follow up question. Then several others:
This, xD

546923 Welcome to the 405th! In case Sean's one question convoy was barraging, you're not required to build a suit to enjoy this site... though obviously you'll get more out of our community if you do :). The people here are super willing to help you out with any questions on building, so don't be shy!