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I feel like this threat went completely off topic from welcoming a new member to a rivalry between regiments
I believe I have this situation in my notes some where, gimme a sec.
licks finger, flips through pages
Ah yes here it is. The notes say this is what's referred to as a "Spontaneous Deployment of Fireteam Off The Rails". Take a look for yourself: Halo ODST Landfall WIP. This particular fireteam appears to deploy without invitation or warning, and has it has proven difficult to identify its members in the past, though there are some patterns...

But yes, we should return this thread to its rightful owner. My apologies Firefly01.
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My apologies, Montique. They mean no harm. But yes, they sometimes forget and need to be reminded that their hijacking of threads isn't always welcomed. I assure you, the rivalry is all in fun. However, FOTR, I'm looking at all of you - please give Firefly back their thread.

Welcome aboard, Firefly01!!