Hello, where is the best place to ask questions if I'm new here.


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Brand new here and learning to navigate the site.
But my most current question is, I want to make a gravity hammer with my own twist to it.
The files I've found on here show it as 135 cm in length, but on halo wikis and other sites it says around 200 cm.
Which would you say is more accurate?



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im sure the 200cm is based on a brute or elite size. 135cm would be more our size. best bet is to lay a tape messure on the floor ans see how tall the 135cm is next to the 200cm. i think you will find the 135 cm will be easier to lug around at cons.. but if it will be just for display then i would do the 200cm... that is just my 2 cents


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What about a conversion to the people in Turbo-land? :rolleyes:
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