Helmet Fans, Ducting, & Padding


So is the lesson here to point the fans directly at my face/visor, and pull cold air in rather than push hot air out? Heat hasn't bothered me too much yet, what concerns me more is not being able to see out of my visor, and condensation building up on my various circuitboards and such on the inside.
That is the plan when I get around to updating my helmet. Right now I am tied up with my wife's armor as well as my son's. When I do get back to mine, I will reverse the ducting to where the fans "pull" air into the helmet from the back of the neck opening and "push" it up into the crown of the helmet.

As far as fogging on the visor, I didn't have any issues at all with it being as the chin fans was pushing cooler air directly at my chin.

In the end, I believe the ducting system worked as intended, but not in the volume I wanted. I also toyed with the idea of leaving the exhausting fans in place at the rear and adding intake ducts with fans to the cheek pieces which I dremelled out and added screen covers to. By creating a duct type system, it gives me more option where to mount the fans (away from ears for example) and still get the air flow where I want it.

FIVE fans total. 2 exhausting from the top and 3 pushing in cool air. At that point it should be like wearing your own head surrounded air conditioning! LOL!