Help please for strapping

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Help me please because my armor is complete, and I have no clue as to were I can find strapping for my armor. Can anyone tell me where I can find some, or where you got yours

p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong place
what do you mean by strapping...? I'm moving this to the main forum.
Walmarts camping section has some nice nylon straps and buckles. I suggest those personally.
Does anyone have pictures of how they straped their armor? Inside armor pics and the location of velcro, clips, straps, etc.?
Can everyone who has finished their armor (adam, sean, link, etc) please take a picture of the inside of their armor? :D

I need to attach mine as well and don't have enough material or money to just add 3000 straps just to keep the legs on. :lol:

Agent Orange said:
k thanks grunt but thats the chest, its pretty easy to keep that on, but legs not so much. or the bicep

Im not sure then...The site only has the belt and pouches avalable..nothing on leg strappings..
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well heres an idea put the belt/strap on the armor and the clip or whatever the belt goes to, to complete the loop on the pant leg
It's best to preplan how you're going to attach straping, if you've already finished te pieces, use some epoxy glue (or mix a small batch of resin) to attach it
I use a mix of Nylon Straps and Industrial Velcro. Riveting some of the Nylon (in some places) is a good idea but remember it does stick out! (can be fixed with some patience) However, if you do rivet your armor; depending on what its made of use the "umbrella?" end of the rivet on the inside and pad it with a layer of nylon or 2. This is to make sure you don't crack or break the armor :D
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