HELP!! rookie needs help!!PLEASE


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Hi i'm Ethan, i got some questions to ask about pepakura halo helmets
1.what kind of paper should i use
2.what kind of resin should i use? fast-dry or slow-dry?
3.what kind of bondo should i use? fiberglass bondo or highheat bondo?
4.what kind of paint should i use to paint the visor?
and what else should i use?
please forgive me for my lack of experience


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Those are some of the first questions that any noob asks. But good questions none the less.

1) Its not the type of paper that you's the weight. standard paper had a weight of 20-35 lbs. For pep-ing, the most accepted weight is 110 lbs. Its is the same thickness of standard business cards.

2) If your not accustomed to using resin....I would go w/ the slow dry to give you time to work with

3) I would say use the standard car Bondo brand. There is no reason to use a high heat version as those are used for high temperature filling. Unless your planing on setting your hair on won't be generating enough body heat to affect your build.

4) You can use any kind of paint on your visor......Now I will ask the question: If you paint your visor, how will you see out of it? Answer: You can't. We don't usually paint our visors. We use colored visors or tinted film on clear visors. There are plenty of websites that sell both.

5) There is a little matter of reading you should consider. Read, read, read......and when you think your brain can't handle any some YouTube videos.....EvilTed for instance is a great starting point. As far as reading material.... PerniciousDuke has created an index of everything a newbie could possibly need right HERE.


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Hi Ethan and welcome to the 405th!

I see a lot of your questions are "what kind of.." The specific answers to these questions are going to heavily depend on where you live. Some products are very hard to find in some parts of the world, while a comparable product is very easy. I've seen a guy use a coke box to make a great looking helmet because that is the only kind of "card stock" he had available while stationed in Thailand.

Check out the index Dirt linked to. Under the Pep Method it has a materials list. Little dated, but it give you the idea.


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Welcome to the 405th.
One thing you should consider as well is your budget. Since you call yourself a rookie, budgeting for your first build will be a big deal.
Smart thing to do is get your materials slowly, when funds are available. You won't be needing everything right away anyways. You won't need bondo when you are still in the pep stage.
Start off with getting the cardstock, glue and cutting tools that you would need. Once you finish doing the pep then proceed to get the next group of materials. So on and so on.


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You will find that a lot of us use foam for the suit but pep the helmets. Not to say that that is the only way to build you suit......Its what ever you feel comfortable with. It is a very heated debate on which method is best. Foam or pep. Everyone has their own opinion.....and you know what they say about opinions......
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