Hey guys, n00b armorer here

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Dmitri Molotov, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Dmitri Molotov

    Dmitri Molotov New Member

    Hello, I'm Dmitri Molotov, a young guy aspiring to be a production designer who happens to be a huge fan of Halo.
    I started work yesterday on a UNSC marine costume, with the helmet. (I'd post a topic about it in the paper/cardboard armor section but for some reason I don't have permission to post a topic in that section).
    I'm also planning on making an SRS-99D-S2AM Sniper rifle out of an airsoft G36, which should prove interesting.
    Molotov out.
  2. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    using an airsoft rifle for a sniper rifle can be easy, but the modifacations might take forever.
    but if you can do it more power to ya.

    one question, is the barrel on it 3 feet long?
  3. Dmitri Molotov

    Dmitri Molotov New Member

    I think so, but its behind a heat sheild. We might have to remove that.

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