High Detail Jorge Armor files Wip


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I would realy like a file for the backpack, it looks like a sketchup model. I'd like just that, or a raw obj if you could.



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I realise this is a "dead" thread and this is frowned upon or whatever but have there been any nww developments on this?
I absolutely LOVE your work and i really woukd like your cad files if possible. Trust me i dont want to take your hard earned work
From you It would just help in the 3d printing process...
Hope to hear from you.


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If the thread is dead, and you know it is, and you're specifically asking the OP a question, consider sending him a PM rather than reviving a dead thread.


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Props: ODST v.3 going on the v.4 need to be able to crouch better.
Hey there! Thanks for the input, but this thread has been dead for almost three years now - please remember, when posting, to consider the date of the last post. If it's been over three months, please try not to post unless it's really important!