How did u guys did the undersuit?


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Hey guys!
Im new to the 405th.
First, a short introduction of myself.
Im 23 years old, im from Germany and I love Halo since i played it first on my friends xbox back in 2009.
I wanna do my first Cosplay and its gonna be the Master Chief in his Mjolnir Mark 6 Gen. 2 from Halo 4 (first Halo I bought myself).
Now I wanna know if some of u got any tips from which material I make the undersuit and how I can make the pattern on his undersuit?
I love to hear ur advices and inspiration.

Thx guys :)
For the Gen 2 undersuit, I just made my own patterns by looking at references then traced that onto 3mm or 5mm foam then glued it onto a black morphsuit.

Or you could buy a custom one with a hexagon pattern. I think it was called a Zentai suit the last time I checked?
And how did u made the pattern? Did you engrave it or how did you do it?
I looked at the Gen 2 techsuit references on the Armory section and on Pinterest. I had to freehand sketch my own pattern on paper that was mostly accurate to the game.

For the glue, I used e6000 glue and pressed the foam onto the morphsuit for a minute to stick.
I'd also recommend checking out this thread where someone else asked the same question. There's loads of links to maky different ways people tackled their under suit.

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