Foam Gen 2 Undersuit progress


Hello everyone! So I've been working on my Gen 2 undersuit from Halo 4/5 so here's my progress so far.

To start, I took screenshots of the Halo 5 undersuit from pinterest and I traced the parts on paper after drawing my own custom templates. Then I traced the templates on 5mm foam and spray painted it with yellow paint to match both my new armor and my Mk7 that I made in August. After that I got out an old medium black morphsuit that I had in storage. The first few days I worked on the undersuit I glued the front and back torso pieces to the morphsuit with e6000 as I was recommended by others.
Then I took a break for a few weeks to work on my Gen 2 armor remake.

A week or two after that I traced and cut another template for the Feet,Shins,Kneecaps,Thighs,biceps, and shoulder parts of the undersuit and glued it on after painting. Some sections like the shoulders and thighs I used hot glue to attach onto the fabric. It usually works if the glue is very hot. I wore an old layer of clothes under so the hot glue wouldn't burn me.

The Finale
Ok. I double checked everything on the last day and did a test fit. Everything fits fine and sooooo comfy!! To add to that, I quickly glued some velcro to the butt section bc I know Gen 2 Spartans have that weird uhh butt armor with the armor set and I added that so I could attach it to my blue armor when I'm done.

I think I did a great job so far on my first time making an undersuit!!


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