how do the weapons load

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If you watch somebody reload in H2, it will show you that for every weapon.

Which ones do you want to know about exactly?
If you have any of the halo games you could, ya know, watch. Or you could go onto youtube and watch. Or you could look at the halopedia and look up the weapons and they usually give a good description.
i went to halopedia and i dont have halo 2 (i play it at my friends house) so i just wanna know about the SMGs and Where the Carbines power core is but thanx
The SMG clip is the clear-blueish thing attached to the left side. For some reason it side loads...

The Carbine's clip is the gray cylinder on top, with the green flower looking thing, and a yellow circle in the middle.
well the smg only loads from the side because its caseless as in it has no copper shell (I'm only speculating what it means)
and for the carbine it ejects the cartridge when it runs out of ammo
The SMG and Carbine are both Caseless weapons, they have no shells to eject, and the SMG side loads also just to make it smaller. If it loaded into the grip it would be alot more awkward.
thanx guys
but what i want to know about the smg is does the magazine slide backwards out to unload and slide the magazine in to load it
like this

and thanx for the carbine info
actually its more like the magazine for a Belgian P90. only the P90 has the clip on the top inline with the firearms action. the bullets are stored perpendicular to the gun, so each round makes a 90 degree turn before it enters the chamber = more rounds per magazine. the mag is clear on the P90 as well so its very easy to tell how many rounds you have left. the front of the mag is locked into a type of notch an the rear of the mag snaps into place.

so when you eject the mag on the smg its more like it swings out rather than pulling straight back. as if its hinged in the front, and then just falls off. you dont even have to touch the mag to eject it, its button operated i beleive.
thanxs again but how does the brute shot load
like i said my friend has halo 2 and i dont ( but i have halo 1, so thats still cool :oops: )
ps does any one now how to import a pic in my signature
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