How far have you guys travelled ?


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My family is Military so I have traveled a lot when i was younger. I have never stayed in one living place for longer than 3 years before moving to my current location. I have lived in, stepped in, or driven through every state in the US except for Maine, Florida, and North Dakota. I used to live in Japan and Italy (i traveled from Italy up to Germany and Switzerland a bunch of times).

Unfortunately, so far, i have only been able to go to Colorado for conventions but im hoping my situation changes soon so i can start saving to travel around to meet up with a bunch of you guys in the more major cons in the US :cool:


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I never left California until I turned 18 and went to Vegas for my Birthday. I've never been anywhere else. (By the way, lest anyone get the wrong idea, I didn't gamble or drink while I was there we just went for cirque du soleil and other shows like that)

Yeah.....sure......Just remember, "What happens in Vegas.....stays on YouTube!!!"
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