How long have you been a Halo fan, and what memories do you have of it?


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I'll give a rundown of my personal history with Halo.

Way back in 2002 when I was 7, I first playing Halo: Combat Evolved on my uncle's original Xbox for the first time. Only played the first two levels; The Pillar Of Autumn & Halo, I awed seeing ring overarching up in the sky when I landed. The aesthetics, the mystery & soundtrack, I was lost myself on the second level wondering around, that time I didn't know how to play properly but man those memories burned right into my head.

Many months later, Halo 2 came out & I was god-smacked even more, two levels at that stuck out for me was Metropolis & Delta Halo. Had the same awe.

It was 2008 when I got my first original Xbox from my local pawn shop along with Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo 2 at 13. This was around the time Halo 3 came out with Xbox 360 then a year later in 2009 my mother brought me that Xbox 360 with Halo 3 on her tax-return, few months later again Halo Wars out & I got it out of my own pocket money I saved, 100AUD in coins.

Over time I've been collecting all the games from launch date along with every other Halo source material such as the books. I lock myself in my room for weeks & get extremely nerdy to myself putting every Halo material all in chronological order by writing down everything in notes to the point I skipped doing homework & major projects from school to outright skipping school days, it got to the point my family was worried about my well-being :lol:. I'd break down everything in recorded lore & even put down educated quests for material with no recorded lore dates, I even argued on the old 343i forum when I was living at my grandparent's house for a bit on a particular episode in Halo Legends: Prototype that had to take place in 2548 to 2552 (I believe in the latter of mid-late 2548) due to the BR55HB (Halo 3 Battle Rifle) manufactured for the first time, that's how heated, detailed & nerdy the debates got, most old threads are deleted now but ya can thank me for having that one input that is now in Halopedia. :lol:

Anyway I play, read & watch everything in a marathon run that last roughly a month non-stop. When a new material such as a game, book or series came out, I slot em in order & do a marathon re-run again with the added material. It got to a point that all the recorded Halo material that was released, it took me 3 months to do everything in marathon re-runs that my eyes got sore from sunlight & twitches. I had to stop because I was growing up & had to take on more life responsibilities & the mental well-being not that I didnt want to. Last one I did was after the release of Halo 4 back in 2012, from their I never done one since.

Now with Halo: Infinite coming out & some chunks of Halo books I missed (currently about to start Halo Wars 2: Awaking The Nightmare DLC), I will be diving back in to do a marathon re-run for the first time in years starting around next year hopefully, but will be going at it a little slower due to life responsibilities.

Today, I own all the games to date in their limited edition forms & just about 80ish% of the material such as the comics, books & mini-series still, not planning to give it up & tracking down any some stuff I miss from the pass few years. I'm not what you call a normal or hardcore, but an outright geek-fanatic that hides in his room & not a shame say it anymore. I don't like to boast & tell much about it, just Halo has been a big part of my life as much as same example of Star Wars in 1977 or 40K in 1987 fanatics when their IPs started.


I mostly remember getting stuck on CE backtracking through the flood trying to overload all the reactors or whatever it is... I would always get lost.


November 10, 2001, I remember it like it was yesterday. My karate instructor worked his 9-5 as a Microsoft sales rep in Canada, he was charged with bringing the X-Box to market in Southern Ontario Canada. He was shipped the system as well as all of Microsoft's initial games to use as a demo in the weeks leading up to launch to give demos to any smaller stores that were hesitant to stock the X-Box.

As we all know the X-Box wasn't exactly a hard sell, so about a week before launch he was all done with it. He played some of the games but wasn't much of a video game player. At the time I was madly in love with the N64. He gave my family the demo system as well as all of the games he had to demo (there was about 10). The first game I tried when I got it home was the basketball game that launched... it was fun, the second day I popped in Halo. Well, I went to school the day after and told all of my friends about it. They laughed at me, the system wasn't out yet, there wasn't hype as much in the media hype in the media as we have now for new game systems (or maybe there was and we were too young to be paying attention), they hadn't heard about Halo or much about the X-Box except rumblings that it was a thing. None of them believed I had one, never mind was testing this amazing game that "Made James Bond seem boring". (I also tried Mechassault and Bloodwake)

I had one friend over that night to play it, we tried the split-screen multiplayer. He backed me up the following day. The other kids were curious but thought we were pranking them still. Eventually, it launched... and you know the rest.

My love for Halo has never faltered, like many of you I had group hangouts, LAN parties, and even a birthday party all surrounding Halo. It is honestly some of my fondest childhood memories.


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I've been an avid Halo fanatic since Halo CE. One of my all time Memories is just about any Multiplayer game on Halo 3. Matches such as Bullrun, or Ice Cream man, or Sky Castle. When you are the last man desperately running for your life as 13 infected Spartans are chasing you just to die because you got stuck in the slightest are some of the best memories I've had. My hope is that Infinite will bring that back and we will see Halo come back on top of the Games industry like it's supposed to be.


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Probably since around 2008 or 2009. At the time I was 12 / 13. I was into science-fiction for a long time, especially into Star Wars so I was looking for movies and video games similar to it. My favorite sub-genre of sci-fi was of course space opera and Halo was a fine example of that. The very first Halo game I played was Halo CE on PC because I never owned an Xbox. My parents couldn't afford one and by the way - Halo was never popular in my country. Kids in Eastern Europe were into PC titles Counter-Strike 1.6 or Runescape and very rarely would hear someone mentioning Halo.

As for me, I always loved the atmosphere of these games, especially Halo CE. The soundtrack, the level design, fact that you can use vehicles, beautiful environments to explore, and god-tier soundtrack. It was a true sci-fi adventure for me with all the traditional sci-fi tropes - aliens, spaceships, AI, cool futuristic armor and weapon designs. Even though I couldn't play other Halo games for a long time I got familiar with the lore through Halo: Legends anime and simply reading about the games online.

Damn... the more I write about this the more I understand how much there is to tell. For example, Halo: Reach has a very huge personal meaning to me because I always saw its story as a metaphor for a situation that occurred in my personal life back in 2010. I always drew inspiration from the Noble team and their desperate fight against the Covenant invasion because it mirrored my own personal struggles.