How long have you been a Halo fan, and what memories do you have of it?

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im pretty sure my parents never actually allowed me to get halo and im probably still not supposed to have it according to them, but i got fed up with waiting for them to approve it and just said screw it im taking a trip to gamestop. so my sisters boyfriend brought me there and I got mcc. the funniest part about this is that I look old enough they just sold me the game but my sisters boyfriend (who was legally an adult already) had to do an id check to get an m rated game.
I was laughing so hard after we left the store.
Wellllll. I've been a fan since 2005. I knew about it since it came out and my friends always kicked my butt. but once I got my own console and started playing. then made so many friends and the online made me a better player and made some awesome friends. I joined many communities and was in an KSI branch. Then made me want to cosplay and then ODST came out and I was on a mission to learn and make an ODST suit.
I would go over to my friend's house, just as they would come over to mine, because I had a PS2 and they had an Xbox. A while after Christmas, (family, traveling, etc), my buddy was like LET'S PLAY THIS NEW GAME. That game was Halo CE, of course.

I moved away from that friend (RIP, this was back in the early 2000s so no social media to stay in touch) and over the years would play Halo at other people's houses.

Around high school is when I got into RvB but I had stopped playing Halo and kept it on the DL since in my friend group it was seen as "cool" to hate on CoDbros and Halosers. (We played REAL video games like Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon and Final Fantasy).

It wasn't until the MCC came out that I was wiser and older and didn't give a care along with my college buddies all playing it as well.

And then I played the story mode because, oh, all these years and I never realized it had a story and how rich and space opera-esque the storyline of the universe was. How gripping and amazing the bond between Cortana and John was. How an elite went from disgraced member of the covenant to one of humanity's greatest allies. Tbh I WAS PRETTY DANG MAD THST THE HALOSERS HAS BEEN HIDING THIS AMAZING STORY ALL THESE YEARS. Jk, I had never owned the games myself and my friends had only played the multiplayer whenever I went over to their house...and all anyone talked about was the online aspect so I just assumed it either had no story mode or if it did, it was shallow af. NOPE.

Now I am a proud Haloser and high school me would be ashamed but I'm almost 30 and too old for that nonsense.
Man, I'm a weird bug. I loathed the relationship between Cortana and the Chief, (worst writing ever!!) and am not big on multi-player. I only cared about the story.......

Do I even belong here?

What am I doing here?

Who am I?

*awkward silence*

...Ever wonder why we're here?
We were allowed to play Halo, but we weren't allowed to play CoD.
Ya, my parents were more concerned with games like CoD and GTA. I'll admit I was 14 when I played Halo (this was in 2014 by the way), but my parents weren't oblivious to what it looked like. My mom did some research before giving the ok. I think the sci-fi part always helps cause my mom is a Star Wars fan and Halo was comparable to it for us. It's kinda funny cause both know that a new Halo game is a big deal compared to another new game coming out and my mom would just come to me sometimes to see what I was doing and would watch me play. She would ask if I was on with anyone, where were they in the game and to say hi to them. Also we had our "Halo Nights" so my parents have seen Halo gameplay quite a bit.
Became a halo fan back in 2007 , when my neighbours installed Halo CE onto my family computer. It was the only game on it and for some reason , our graphics card was so bad , it didn't render any blood .So my parents were fine with me and my elder sister playing the game ( they never cared about age restriction anyways since they always let us watch CSI at the age of 6 ) . So me and my sister played nothing but halo CE , till 2011 when I got my first console , the 360 slim ! ( we weren't even allowed to buy any gaming console till mom found out about Kinect ).

Sadly the only person I know that cared about halo around here is me and my elder sister lol .

I never went on multiplayer tho till it was 2016 (house internet was pp back then) when I just bought halo 4 alongside my first xbox live gold . I loved the multiplayer a lot , you can easily call me a sucker of halo 4 mp . Two years later, i moved on to halo 5 with a new one s

Some of my favourite moments with halo was letting my dad try ce for the first time , he actually got to the airlock ( right before you board the liveboat ) , but accidentally threw a grenade at himself . He also tried halo 5 mp ( probably the worst thing to try first ) , he couldnt get my spartan to look down so rip k/d

Now me and my sister would come together and play halo once in a while whenever both of us come back home from college .
Hands down Halo 3 custom games. Fat Kid, Duck Hunt, Infection you name it. The community was huge and I was a 13 year old caught in this new world of xbox live and I loved it. Before xbox live my twin and I would just try to glitch the crap out of everything in the game.

Probably Vid-Master challenges was the most accomplished I've ever felt from a videogame(ODST firefight was by far the hardest part of it) and getting that sweet recon armor felt like the ultimate achievement before it was given away.
Saw bits and pieces of Halo 2 gameplay when I was a much younger child, but as to when I actually got into the series, it would probably be around 2010, when Reach came out. I didn't have my own 360 back then, so my time on Reach was always with my friends, playing splitscreen Campaign, Firefight (Courtyard was my favourite map), and Forge.

The most memorable moment I had was the time I preordered Halo 4. By then, I had my own 360 but due to school I could only preorder around the afternoon, after school ended. As soon as I had arrived home, I headed over to the mall, money in hand, to order the Limited Edition.

Me: "Hi, I'd like to preorder Halo 4."
-salesperson took out the Console & Standard Edition cards-
Me: "Erm... Don't you have the Limited Edition?"
Salesperson: "No, we sold the last one for that. This is all that's left."
Me: :(
Salesperson: "Okay, I can check with our other branches and see if they still have it."
A short phone call later, the salesperson came out of the office & told me this: "Our branch only received 5, but the next nearest one (a short train ride away) got 10.You may have a chance to get it if you rush over now."

I thanked him, immediately ran to the train station to catch the next train, and as soon as I arrived, ran up the mall (around 4 flights of escalators) to get to the branch. Thankfully, they still had it, and on Nov 6, I joined the crowd of people queuing up for collecting Halo 4.

Funnily enough, the stores in the mall received their copies of Halo 4 before the preorder collection times, and there were jokes that we could ditch the preorder queue, buy the game from the stores in the mall and go home & play before the collection time even started. (not sure if anyone actually did but it would probably have been a bigger loss if anyone did.
My first memory of halo is, my brother rented an xbox console for his birthday one year and had some friends over to play this new game called halo. After they were done their party, the xbox stayed in my brothers room. While he practiced for his drivers test I hopped on. The place where they had left it was the final part of the maw where you have to blow up all the thermal vents to start the detonation. I remember as soon as I walked into the big empty room and the music changed, being too scared to continue without my brother helping me. After whining to my parents that he refused to help me, he finally obliged me and helped me through. After the rental ended, I had made a new friend who had an xbox console with, you guessed it, Halo: combat evolved. We played the living crap out of that game. every day i went over to her house and we played. When Christmas time came around and my parents asked me and my brother what we wanted. both of us said an xbox with halo and a few other games, but they weren't halo so who even remembers what was out back then :p Come Christmas morning, there it was. our very own xbox, complete with my favorite game!

Over the years i kept playing. my brother went to the midnight release of halo 2 and i was conveniently sick the next morning, so I played halo 2. That continued, every halo game was pretty much my daily player right up until halo 4. I love halo 4, but reach ultimately was my favorite and i played it the longest and got the most enjoyment out of it. Halo 5 is not my highest rated game for sure, but I have played every game, read 60% of the books and thoroughly enjoyed this franchise since its infancy

We moved away when i was 13. I came to a new place and didnt have any friends, and was bullied relentlessly in this new town for being 'weird' because i like video games. so I found solace in my video games. with the release of xbox live, I was able to make like minded friends and I am still friends with some of those people to this day.

I got to have a really nice talk with some of the 343 staff at HOD Anaheim and my story of how i was free from bullying and solitude because of their game and one of them (KP) got quite emotional with me since he has been with the games since 2002.
For me, it goes back down to when me and my brother used to play the crap out of Halo: CE and Halo 2 on the original Xbox. We had these controllers where one had fans built into it that dried your sweaty hands, and another was a Mad Catz "Little Brother" controller. My brother would force me to use the little bro controller on the floor, while he sat in the luxury massage chair with the hand-cooling controller.
I started with Halo 2. Then I wanted to try Halo CE. My most memorable moment was probably me and my mates customizing Sandtrap. I discovered a hidden room while we were deleting all the non-essential elements of the map. I then rigged a portal system so that you could jump into the hole and get down there. I died 9 times setting it up just right. Afterwards we built bases in that room and played things like Spartan Soccer and Flame Wars.
I started loving halo about a year ago, when I wanted to play halo 4 pvp with my sister, and accidentally started the campaign. Before that I never really knew who master chief was. I just thought he was a weird green guy. All I knew about halo before that was just shoot and have fun with my siblings on an awesome map with a banshee. Then when I played the campaign of halo 4, it changed my life. I loved Master Chief and Cortana, and continued on to play halo 5. I loved halo 5 at the time, and loved the jackals and covenant do much that I wanted to be a jackal for Halloween. Before that, I was planning to do a elite space ranger from halo 5. But I thought I knew paper mache, and so I tried it. I started getting better at it and then becoming a foamsmith and much more. 6 months later, I finally finished the jackal. I won at salt lake gaming con, but sadly, I lost fanx. I cried the whole night that night, but learned from my mistakes and started to build my promethean crawler. When I competed, I placed fifth in the dog contest portion, and first in the adult costume contest. But in the second, I lost. But then, I didn't let that get me down. I said "I'll get them next time" and proceeded to start this next project's planning. Then I joined this lovely community, and I hope to have fun with you guys in some hangouts and photo shoots. But if I had never decided to accidentally start that game, I would've never be where I am right now.

That's the impact halo has had on me.
I remember picking up Halo:CE at the game store and what caught my eye was the Master chief figure that came with it. I played it and enjoyed it but never got to deep into it.

Growing up and getting an xbox I got Halo 3,ODST, Reach. I really enjoyed those and got little more into Halo each time especially playing PvP such as infected, Grifball and other game modes,it was some of the most fun I have had on a game despite playing by myself. I started to collect some figures and comics which I enjoyed have yet to pick up a novel. I had always had a Playstation perhaps that is why I never got really into Halo until a couple years ago when Halo 4 came out and I had a xbox around that time. I had so much fun playing Halo 4 and it was interesting to see the new take on the Spartans and how much it had changed with 343. Even though it changed it still felt like Halo.

Halo 4 was the first game I had brought on release waiting at the store late at night to grab my copy.

I still have so much to learn about the Halo Universe and I do want to know more about it as I have only really played the games and thats it and the few comics I have read. Halo 4 is the one that had caught my attention and I'd the most I have gotten into it.

I hope by joining this community,I can learn about Halo, I can't help but feel like I am very new to it all despite playing the games over the years. Halo has always been something I have always came back too but just never known where to go with it or where to start.

Teach me your Halo ways...Talk Halo to me lol.

Here's to more Halo memories with MCC on PC and I hope with the 405th too. :)
I’ve known halo since 2001 but never got to play it until 2003 and have been a fan since! My favorite times when my friends and I would hope onto matchmaking in Halo 3 and we all got to level 50 in ranked! Also the warthog run in Halo 3 was a blast for us trying to sabotage eachother.
Team Slayer was the only one I managed to get to that. or was it 48. either way that was hard even for someone like me who had nothing to but game at the time lol.
I got 49 in Lone Wolf, 50 team Doubles and and 47 in Team Slayer Over multiple accounts. Yeaaah I played too long back in the day :p I feel the ranking system in Halo 3 was weird though. I would win 3-4 games on lonewolves but stay at 49 but if i lost 2 in a row I’d drop to 48.... It was scuffed
When I was in year 3 (2009), my new friend told me about Halo. I guess he described it as an alien shooter, because I thought it was like Call of Duty but shooting blue goopy aliens! Never could have imagined the story the games tell.

I guess my favourite memories are with friends. Like playing Reach LASO and finally assassinating the energy sword elite, only for me to accidentally assassinate my friend trying to do the same... or a friend hijacking my warthog to a second later drive it off a cliff.
Also the mongeese. So many EPIC STUNTS with the mongeese! So frickin' awesome being able to fly a mongoose onto a scarab.
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