How long have you been a Halo fan, and what memories do you have of it?

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For me, it goes back down to when me and my brother used to play the crap out of Halo: CE and Halo 2 on the original Xbox. We had these controllers where one had fans built into it that dried your sweaty hands, and another was a Mad Catz "Little Brother" controller. My brother would force me to use the little bro controller on the floor, while he sat in the luxury massage chair with the hand-cooling controller.
Man i remember playing Halo the very first time, i didnt even know who masterchief was. I just loved the shoot shoot shoot. Die alien scum! Then when i finished the game it happened, a whole new world. Gave away all my Starwars the next
I remember playing halo:CE. That's where halo is at, man.

My younger brother told me if you finished tha last level on legendary there was a different video. So we began.
It took us HOURS! to finally get there, and when we saw that stupid alien grab sarge's butt at the end, I was pretty dumbfounded that's all it was. My brother summed it up best:

"We just played FIVE HOURS... for *THAT*?!
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Halo 2 is my all time favorite halo, partly because of nostalgia. It got to the point we played it so much that we could recite every quote word for word. Eventually we got nothing out of the campaign anymore so we resulted of finding many ways of getting out of the maps borders. We even found a few that aren't even on youtube by anyone else to my knowledge.

when we saw that stupid alien grab sarge's butt at the end, I was pretty mortified.
I.... Hate to break it to you... But Johnson grabbed the aliens extremity, not the other way around...

Edit: Johnson grabbed in the anniversary edition. You are correct, as it was the other way around in the original xbox game.
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Spring/Summer 2002?

I don't remember who owned the XBox but it was carted over for a sleepover birthday party in Grade 6/7 and we messed around in Sidewinder for ages. I didn't get my own console until 2004 which made time with Halo a special event.

Jump ahead to university and we were planning LAN parties to fill up Halo 3 lobbies by using the engineering building lecture halls with four players per projector/eight per room and playing big team games. The crazy cable runs we had to do with 50m ethernet into whatever switch/cheapo router/extender we could lay hands on as poor college kids. Goofing around with Mamoths, custom game modes for days. I miss the fun of local multiplayer.

I still remember the night at the end of December 2008 exam break where it was just the remaining Engineering students who had a comp-sci final in the last exam time slot. Some of us had flights home for Christmas the next morning so it was 4 player Legendary campaign with the lecture hall big screens and sound system. It was zero-dark-scary when we finished but the hype of finishing off the Warthog Run. Nothing quite like it.
Only early summer 2014 :(

Wish I learned earlier
I've actually been making Halo armor longer than I've been playing the game.
Found out about it because Legos and since it was M I couldn't buy the game, got Halo 5 when it came out though.

Anyway we would play CE during lunch each day until September this year when they banned students going into comp labs without a pass. We kept playing on other comps during lunch less and less frequently until they banned the download site last month.
I remember playing the Demo that came with game informer magazine (I believe it's been over 20 yrs) think the game was ok. But I wasnt a huge gamer then. Then came halo 2. My friends started system linking. Then my obsession was hooked. My closest friends I have today developed over system link parties playing Halo 2.
My earliest memory of halo was being over at friends house and playing Combat Evolved for the first time. I was amazed at the fact that you had total freedom within the map and I had dreams about it that night. It was then that I asked for my own Xbox for Christmas and Halo 2 was my first game at the age of 8. I played it non stop until I got my xbox360, 4 years later, and Halo 3 was the next in line for playing. My best memory is my Dad and I created a mode in Halo CE called warthog wars. Because of lack of vehicle destruction physics in the original game, the objective was to eject the other player from their warthog and run them over, this was how you got kills since we prohibited weapons use. It really levelled the playing field between us as I was much better at shooting than he was. The other best memory is when me and a friend marathoned the Halo reach campaign in coop mode. We started at noon and didn't finish till 10 that night.
Halo: CE came with my Xbox console at age 12 and it was the first time my parents let me hook up a game system to the HUGE family 30" crt TV with surround sound! lol. The first level was pretty scary with all the explosions, dark corridors and murder hungry elites. Previous games like N64 Golden Eye or PC Tomb Raider would give me pretty bad nightmares so I remember my parent's being very concerned for me. But alas, no demons haunted my dreams only glorious images of the Master Chief!

After that it was countless nights at friends houses owning split screen until Halo 3 came out and then I never had to see real people again! :D (that's when I got internet fast enough for gaming)
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After that it was countless nights at friends houses owning split screen until Halo 3 came out and then I never had to see real people again! :D (that's when I got internet fast enough for gaming)

And this explains a hell of a lot.............

I'm a late comer to HALO....very late. Just a few months prior to H5, so not many memories really. Old as I am....I tend to forget things pretty quick.......wait....what was the question again?
I was a Playstation owner at the time. My cousin had an xbox and bought Halo. He popped it in and then was instantly hooked. Same deal with H2. He owned it, I would come over and we would play Co Op. I finally switched consoles a year after the 360 came out and was in line for the Midnight release of Halo 3.
I was 11 when Halo:CE came out. I remember riding my bike over to my friend's house to play it because I didn't have an Xbox. I'd sneak over and play for hours then ride back fast as heck when the sun went down so my mom wouldn't get pissed. A year or so later my Dad bought my brother and I an xbox and Halo and I swear every single night we would sit and play through the campaign on that game.
For me it was halo: ce for the PC, and when halo 2 came out I grabbed it. As for memory well halo pc had some combat to had to learn to use like the rocket hog( which I was mad about due to it wasn't in halo cea) and the fuel rod that would over heat after a few quick shots but the memory that stands out most for me was a match that would have given me a killamanjaro before it was a thing both hogs park in front of red base Me with the fuel rod and magnum and before they could get a shot off both hogs spinning through the air killing four of them two more as the hog smashed into the tunnel in the base and as soon as they gun over heated I swapped to me pistol sniping the sniper up top and fragged two more that just respwaned by the time the rest of my team showed up we were winning by 9 kills, and that was my good memory,

my funniest death was me flipping a hog and my team driving right under it with me looking right at the driver as he spattered me.

worst death was a oddball where we were in the cave and blocked the way in with hogs, if I could have recorded those three mintues I could have made a machina that would have been 30mins long the team was split all but three of us where in the cave with ars, the flamerthrower, pistols, and of crouse the hogs, and the fuel rod, and me with the skull which had me worried, frags came raining down the upper cave area, sheilds flaring, ars opening up before the flamer let's losse burning them before getting the gun stuck dumping it and jumping back avoiding death for the moment, ars on the right side bursting into the hog which is turned on its side before it goes skyward as a rocket hits it and the rockethog firing into the lip of the tunnel pushing back the attacker but not before a sniper from the ridge line cave takes him out a hail storm of grenades come flying into the cave tunnel again throwing both hogs around the fuel rod and the others in the cave with me fan out firing into the mess of flipped hogs meanwhile from behind a red with a shotgun guns down the fuel tod before I cub him with the skull I dump the skull and grabbed the shotgun and camped the other entrance what I didn't notice right then was one of the reds had driven a hog out and was now driving it into the tunnel I was now covering, from out side gunfire peppered the area outside as i grabbed the skull the two left alive in the cave where planning on rushing me out the back to a waiting hog but as they started out that hog the reds took spattered both of them i swung at the drive killing him but i was now alone, with reds charging me from all sides, but I knew death was coming so with the skull beside me with no where to run I loaded my guns and fought them off until I didn't have nothing left to fire with and just started clubbing them until a rocket splash did me in along with two other reds who charged me, we lost the match but I put some fear into them. And from that day foreword I never hold out in the caves ever again.
I've been a Halo fan for quite a while now, but it was never really something I was able to get into. It was always the game I'd play at my friends house, or I'd hear people talking about (I still remember hearing other kids talk about Halo: Reach when it came out in like third grade), but I didn't have an XBox. So I never got to play it. But I watched videos, commercials, read novels and fanfiction, and still love it. I've always joked that the Believe advertisement campaign for Halo 3 is the most successful memorial video for something that never actually happened. And the ODST advertisements were some of the best recruitment advertisements for a military that doesn't exist, lol.

Something about the series, from its lore, to design language, to its execution just stuck out as raw to me. It feels real and genuine and grounded, and that's something a lot of other sci-fi misses, or doesn't even intend on hitting. And that's what I love about it. That considered, I've probably been a fan for over ten years now, despite hardly ever getting the chance to play the games. It makes me really happy to see the Master Chief Collection coming to PC soon because it means I'll be able to experience all of the games for the first time.
Imma lay this out so that at least you guys see where I'm coming from, and it's just to share how much this game means to me. I first played Halo when I was 7 years old at the year 2007, my older brother just got the 360 and I saw him play Halo 3. He then asked me to play, and that very first experience pretty much changed everything hahahaha. I was so hooked I remember that my parents and brothers would tell me that when I was asleep my hands would look as if I'm pressing the buttons on the controller.
Anyway, from there I sort of always had the dream and passion to become a SPARTAN, and every aspect I'm doing now for it seems to have lead me to better places I'd say. Call it addiction or whatever but I lived and breathed the game, I loved the music so much it motivated me to play the drums and guitar (been playing drums for 10 years). Since I wanted to be a SPARTAN, I was motivated to be one so I ended playing a lot of sports and now I'm doing well in powerlifting. Since SPARTANS are made I eventually had a passion to build things from costumes, machines, and all that kind of backyard scientist **** hahaha. In fact my last 2 science fairs in high school was about exoskeletons that I've made inspired from Halo which I won first place. And yeah I believe I've learned a lot of lessons just from the characters themselves. So yeah, hopefully in the future I can make one, whether it works out or not I'm looking forward for it. So yeah that's halo for me.
I think Halo has played more of an impact on my life then I even realize...I was 15 During the summer of 2003, I had been playing video games my entire life but wasn’t much of an Xbox guy. I met my first girlfriend around this time and when she invited me over to her house, she asked if I wanted to play a game of Halo, it was her younger brothers system. I remember like it was yesterday, 1v1 on warlock..she beat me. I went home and broke my piggy bank to scramble as much money as I could to buy my own system and copy of halo...I practiced and practiced and of course during our rematch I had won! even though halo CE was on its way out, for the rest of that year ALL I did was play this game during sleep overs with my friends. When Halo 2 came out, my life would change forever....I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with Xbox live, the ranking system in halo 2 defined my life. I think I was more worried about getting a 37 in halo 2 then I was passing high school. I could go on for pages about this game, but I will say this - that girl is still in my life, and she knows I owe me love for halo to her. My closest friends to this day are people I met locally from playing halo together, and I have and will play every halo that will ever release. I am 30 now, and I’m not slowing down!
I've been a Halo fan since 2001 when I was only 10. My friends knew a guy who was 17 at the time and had a job so he had an Xbox with a big 50in rear projector tv. That's where I got my first taste of Halo. He only had 1 controller so we ended up taking turns playing the single player switching controller when we would die. We'd all end up going quite a bit to play his Xbox but in spring of 2002 as my 11th birthday present I got my Xbox and Halo for myself. With a duke! For the next 7 or so months until Christmas Halo was the only game I had and I played it A LOT. Only taking a break from Halo to once and awhile play the Odds World demo that came on the disc.

Mmm, good times.
Halo was super popular in my area growing up, and when it came out my family didn't have an Xbox yet. When we got it, my brother and I made sure to convince our dad for Halo CE to be our first game (because of the Mature rating, and all). Not only that, before this point we've never played an FPS! We forced ourselves to learn how to play just to experience the game. And the split screen co-op was a dream come true for that. I think it was the first game that got us up and shouting for doing something epic, and the first time we were scared from a game (thanks, Flood). And we created our roles for future games as well. Whenever there would be a vehicle with a driver seat and a gunner position I was always the gunner, and him the driver. It's become an unspoken rule at this point.

Another solid string of memories are from high school, between the years 2006 and 2010. This is around the time Halo 3 came out, which was my first delve into online multiplayer. Me and the guy I consider to be my best friend had an epic Competitive Slayer match that I remember to this day. We were Blue team in a 4v4 match on a map we've never seen before, and as soon as the match started the other two on our team dropped out. Us, not being quitters, decided to just roll with it, and I tell you we've never been this tactical and talkative while playing. We had each other's backs in the most dire of situations. When one dropped, the other would hide out until they spawned and we would regroup ASAP. We never picked different targets, always focused on the same one so they could drop quicker. We held out til the end. In our reluctant 2v4 match up, we lost 50-49, just ONE POINT SHY of victory from just the two of us. Not only were we impressed with ourselves, but we got a lot of Xbox messages from them saying "guys that was epic", "great game", and "holy **** you guys". To this day, I consider that to be my greatest Halo achievement
I started playing in early 2014. My first game was technically CE Anniversary that my brother and I played split screen. Halo Reach was my first multiplayer experience with Halo using a 3 week free GOLD pass that came with something, may have been another game, idk. I got my yearly membership 2 weeks later and haven't looked back. I remember going with my mom to a game stop and pillaging them for all the other halo's for 360. I mainly played Reach and 4, but also loved Wars, 3 and a little ODST. Reach is definitely my special Halo since it was the first. Reach is also my favorite because it lead me to the ODST helmet (the best helmet ever), I didn't want to look the same as my brothers Spartan (he was basic armor still) and it was one of the three default ones unlocked. I liked it because it was round and haven't worn a different helmet in any Halo its in since.

We got out friends into halo as well (I actually met my best friend from our common interest in halo.) and made a "Halo Night" similar to the Big Bang Theory. At our peak we got 8 people on two xbox's player Halo reach between a One and 360, another reason Halo reach is so special.

Halo 5 has been my first true Halo though, I got it at launch and have played the heck out of it. My best multiplayer memory was with a friend in doubles. We went 25 - 1. we had multiple 2v1's and came out on top. my friend got corned when they had the fuel rod which is what gave them the one point. Good times... before college strained that friendship...

Halo has helped me just in life. It made me decided to pursue Game Design in College. It actually helped get me in college since it was part of my admissions essay and I had some Halo art I made at a private art school in my portfolio and admissions video (we needed extra stuff for my art major). It lead me to looking more into prop building and lead me here obviously.

Halo is an important franchise to me. The only rival is Star Wars and I have been a fan of that since I could remember.
I remember long nights in the basement with my brother, slaying aliens, eating Hot Cheetos, and drinking Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, none of these things go together. The mountain dew clashes hard with the cheetos, and the cheetos get all over the controllers, and split screen was small. But dang, that was a good time.
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