How long have you been a Halo fan, and what memories do you have of it?

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by Phauxelate, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Phauxelate

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    For me, it goes back down to when me and my brother used to play the crap out of Halo: CE and Halo 2 on the original Xbox. We had these controllers where one had fans built into it that dried your sweaty hands, and another was a Mad Catz "Little Brother" controller. My brother would force me to use the little bro controller on the floor, while he sat in the luxury massage chair with the hand-cooling controller.
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  2. Kula

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    Man i remember playing Halo the very first time, i didnt even know who masterchief was. I just loved the shoot shoot shoot. Die alien scum! Then when i finished the game it happened, a whole new world. Gave away all my Starwars the next
  3. Sean Anwalt

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    I remember playing halo:CE. That's where halo is at, man.

    My younger brother told me if you finished tha last level on legendary there was a different video. So we began.
    It took us HOURS! to finally get there, and when we saw that stupid alien grab sarge's butt at the end, I was pretty mortified. My brother summed it up best:

    "We just played FIVE HOURS... for *THAT*?!
  4. Phauxelate

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    Halo 2 is my all time favorite halo, partly because of nostalgia. It got to the point we played it so much that we could recite every quote word for word. Eventually we got nothing out of the campaign anymore so we resulted of finding many ways of getting out of the maps borders. We even found a few that aren't even on youtube by anyone else to my knowledge.

    I.... Hate to break it to you... But Johnson grabbed the aliens extremity, not the other way around...

    Edit: Johnson grabbed in the anniversary edition. You are correct, as it was the other way around in the original xbox game.
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  5. TurboCharizard

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    Spring/Summer 2002?

    I don't remember who owned the XBox but it was carted over for a sleepover birthday party in Grade 6/7 and we messed around in Sidewinder for ages. I didn't get my own console until 2004 which made time with Halo a special event.

    Jump ahead to university and we were planning LAN parties to fill up Halo 3 lobbies by using the engineering building lecture halls with four players per projector/eight per room and playing big team games. The crazy cable runs we had to do with 50m ethernet into whatever switch/cheapo router/extender we could lay hands on as poor college kids. Goofing around with Mamoths, custom game modes for days. I miss the fun of local multiplayer.

    I still remember the night at the end of December 2008 exam break where it was just the remaining Engineering students who had a comp-sci final in the last exam time slot. Some of us had flights home for Christmas the next morning so it was 4 player Legendary campaign with the lecture hall big screens and sound system. It was zero-dark-scary when we finished but the hype of finishing off the Warthog Run. Nothing quite like it.
  6. Lieutenant Jaku

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    Only early summer 2014 :(

    Wish I learned earlier
    I've actually been making Halo armor longer than I've been playing the game.
    Found out about it because Legos and since it was M I couldn't buy the game, got Halo 5 when it came out though.

    Anyway we would play CE during lunch each day until September this year when they banned students going into comp labs without a pass. We kept playing on other comps during lunch less and less frequently until they banned the download site last month.
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  7. AugmentedHuman013

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    I remember playing the Demo that came with game informer magazine (I believe it's been over 20 yrs) think the game was ok. But I wasnt a huge gamer then. Then came halo 2. My friends started system linking. Then my obsession was hooked. My closest friends I have today developed over system link parties playing Halo 2.
  8. ColdFireD96

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    My earliest memory of halo was being over at friends house and playing Combat Evolved for the first time. I was amazed at the fact that you had total freedom within the map and I had dreams about it that night. It was then that I asked for my own Xbox for Christmas and Halo 2 was my first game at the age of 8. I played it non stop until I got my xbox360, 4 years later, and Halo 3 was the next in line for playing. My best memory is my Dad and I created a mode in Halo CE called warthog wars. Because of lack of vehicle destruction physics in the original game, the objective was to eject the other player from their warthog and run them over, this was how you got kills since we prohibited weapons use. It really levelled the playing field between us as I was much better at shooting than he was. The other best memory is when me and a friend marathoned the Halo reach campaign in coop mode. We started at noon and didn't finish till 10 that night.
  9. PerniciousDuke

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    Halo: CE came with my Xbox console at age 12 and it was the first time my parents let me hook up a game system to the HUGE family 30" crt TV with surround sound! lol. The first level was pretty scary with all the explosions, dark corridors and murder hungry elites. Previous games like N64 Golden Eye or PC Tomb Raider would give me pretty bad nightmares so I remember my parent's being very concerned for me. But alas, no demons haunted my dreams only glorious images of the Master Chief!

    After that it was countless nights at friends houses owning split screen until Halo 3 came out and then I never had to see real people again! :D (that's when I got internet fast enough for gaming)
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  10. Dirtdives

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    And this explains a hell of a lot.............

    I'm a late comer to HALO....very late. Just a few months prior to H5, so not many memories really. Old as I am....I tend to forget things pretty quick.......wait....what was the question again?
  11. PaiganBoi

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    I was a Playstation owner at the time. My cousin had an xbox and bought Halo. He popped it in and then was instantly hooked. Same deal with H2. He owned it, I would come over and we would play Co Op. I finally switched consoles a year after the 360 came out and was in line for the Midnight release of Halo 3.

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