How much should a helmet cost.....

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I just made mine for halloween, and with the armor and all ( The total cost was about $275 (including tools), is this really high or what???

the big-ticket items were
-respirator $45
-Visor $45
-Hockey gear $60
-under armor knockoffs $30
-bondo and resin $35
-being master chief for halo-ween Priceless (sorry, i couldnt help it)
what do you think the average price is?
and also, if i cut my visor with a dremel drill, will the gold tint peel?
I wouldnt use gold tint, the visor itself is gold isnt it? A Gold one off ebay only costed me 38 dollars and it came so freakin huge i got the "rounded" visor effect like the chief has, not perfect, but close, any pictures of your visor? i would remove the tint and cut the visor, then put new tint on, I was actually able to do a smooth and clean cut cutting off the edges of my visor with siccors, very hard, no cracks, but It was better than opening my dremel case and taking out all the junk and crap...
i didnt tint it, but i wasnt sure if the visor was just tinted...... i dont think it is, i got my visor fitted today, i didnt know where to cut it to since i didnt print the visor peice or anything..... and how much is one usually?
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