How to Create a Game Night

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How to Create A Game Night

First, visit the HOG Sticky Thread <coming soon> and make a note of what time people are already meeting for game nights. Decide what time your game night can fit in and not interfere with the first hour of another game night. Once you know what game you want to play, what time and any special requirements people need to have to join, contact one of the names listed at the bottom of the first post on that sticky thread.

There are many options for game nights. We only ask that you stay within the universes created by Bungie and carried on by 343 Industries. But, if you want the game you play to change every week, or you only want people who are serious competitors, or maybe you just want to set up a limited time event or tournament. It is all possible; we just ask that you follow the guidelines set out below so that everyone else knows what you are doing.

Hosting Guidelines:

1. Follow and enforce all HOG rules and regulations regarding conduct. Be nice to people.

2. Be present for your game night or find another Mod to cover for you. If no one has shown up in the first 30 minutes you can call it a night and try again next week.

3. Update the 1st post in your game night thread often to show that you are still active. Four weeks of inactivity will mean that your game night will be removed from the sticky thread.

4. If people are not attending your game night, take to discord and the 405th to try to get people involved. Or ask other moderators for help

5. Do not put in writing that you are giving out prizes, instead we encourage giving out defend-able titles to participants based on previous week's performances.

6. You will be considered a HOGMod on day one, but you will not receive a badge until 90 days.

7. If there is an "incident" during your game night, please report it to me or another mod. If it is more serious and requires immediate action contact a 405th Division Staff member.

8. Create a Discord account to join the Moderator discussions.

9. Create a game night thread on the 405th using the format listed below.

Fonts, colors, [pictures] and sizes are up to you, but the content and order needs to match the other game night threads. So please follow the format listed below. Submit it to one of the names at the bottom of the sticky thread and a link to your game night will then be added to the main HOG sticky thread..

Thread Title:
[name of group] - [UTC day and time] [local day and time]

Thread Body:

[name of group] (should be fun and unique)
[game being played] (or “game varies” if not one game)
[frequency and time meeting] (listed in 24hr UTC followed by your local time)
[date of next meeting] (spell out the month)
[prerequisites] (use “open to all” if none)
[Host's Gamertag] (following the words “To join, contact on” and either “on the forum” or “Xbox Live” or "On Discord" - Example: "To Join, contact @member on the forum")
[date of next tournament] (optional)
[brief bio, group focus, specific rules] (try to lay out what you are looking for in a game night)

Here are some examples to help you better understand the layout:

Example 1 (prereqs):
Infantry Division Elite
game varies
Tuesdays, every other week 01:00 UTC [Monday 5pm Pacific Time USA]
Next Game Night- May 1st (Halo 3)

Prequisites: 405th forum member for 90 days with post count of 50.

To join, contact on 405th Forum:

Next Tournament: May 29th 2017 – Halo Reach Invasion! *see post #5 for details

Welcome to the 405th’s Elite Squad! We may play casually, but we craft for honor. Once you have the perquisites to join a Regiment (90 days and 50 posts) you will be able to join our gaming night. This is not for the hardcore gamer, but for those who want to play a game while talking about current their costume projects and hear about others as well.

The game varies. Some nights we will cross platform Halo Reach or Halo 3 and sometimes we will play the MC collection or Halo 5. See above "next game night" for the current one being played.

Please try to refrain from swearing. Many members have children present in the room while playing.

Example 2 (open to all):
Halo: Reach
Fridays, weekly 23:00 UTC [Friday 7pm Eastern Time USA]
Next Game Night – April 14th

Open to All

To join, contact on Xbox Live
GT: PerniciousDuke

For those of us that just love to shotty. Infection! Different Halo games each week, only one game mode. All are welcome to join. If majority vote to change game mode we will. But, first we must slay some zombies! Message me on xbox live and I will reply with a game invite.

Example 3 (LT-Limited Time event):
405th Annual Tournament West
Halo 5

LT Event 20:00 UTC [4pm Eastern Time USA]
June 24th

To Join RSVP with:

Join us for an annual Halo 5 tournament. Open to 405th members only. Prizes will be awarded for various accomplishments. Check back later for more details.

(*All above examples are examples only, please be creative and make your own unique game night*)
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