How to extract an Elite?

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I'm trying to extract the Elite model from a Halo 2 multiplayer map and open it in Pepakura, but Pep doesn't support meta files. How do I convert it to something Pepakura can read?
baileyboys said:
open your map in entity and then extract the model using the obj format

Some things can't be extracted via the OBJ format, or if this can, it would be the best choice of action.
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baileyboys said:
Well when you extract the model from the modding program Entity it imports as a Obj format

Really? Kick ass. Time to make some pepakura grunt costumes.
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Is there a tutorial on how to extract a model from start to finish b/c i have no idea how to do it.Like how to get into game code extract and get it on pep.
ok um in entity go to the model tag and click the model than go to the blue circle ithink in the upper right hand corner click it and do import as obj
heres a rather simple tutorial

1.Open your map and go to the mode tag
2.Click your model and the go to the blue circle in the right hand corner

3.Click export as obj

4.Now you saved it
For the best model of a weapon do the First person model.
5.Open the biggest numbered version
Thanks that helps lots but 1 more thing can you post a link to download entity and does it come with a virus?
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