How to make a smoke grenade

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My friend showed me this on youtube. I've been trying to make one but I have no clue where to get the fuse string. Im planning to use one of those for an airsoft match.

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Fuse is easy here to get. You can get it at Hobby shops or gun and knife shows here. I know things are locked down in California (Legally) so I don't know if you could get it in the same places out there. Check to see if you have any local Rocket clubs in your area. They would know exactly where to get fuse, not to mention safely help you do stuff like make smoke bombs. Be safe let us know how this turns out. Also its most commonly called cannon fuse.
Mix gun powder with water until you get a thick paste (make sure it's really thick). Then coat cotton string with the paste and let dry. Works like a charm.
The only problem with that technique spint is that the burn time can be unpredictable. Its better to buy commercial fuse rather than have something cook off to soon in your hand. Safety first :)
I have not had a problem yet but whenever you make a new batch always do several test burns. Believe me I know what can happen if things go wrong first hand. Never ever try to make your own incindiary devices. The only reason that I make fuses is because it's impossible to buy stuff like that out here in Cali.
Ahhh I see. I figured it would be like that in California. I made fuse the same way in EOD class years ago. What always bothered me was how using the same elements and techniques how everyone's "Homemade" fuse all burned at deferent rates. As my old instructor used to say it only takes one accident..
Ya different thicknesses of coating will do that, hence the test burns of the fuses. Your instructor was a smart man.
thats probably the best smoke bomb i have ever seen
and ive seen instructions on how to make them 5 differant ways lol

a book says this for a fuse

SLOW BURNING FUSE - 2 inches per minute

Materials needed:

• Cotton string or 3 shoelaces
• Potassium Nitrate or Potassium Chlorate
• Granulated sugar


1.Wash the cotton string or shoelaces in HOT soapy water, then rinse with fresh water

2.Mix the following together in a glass bowl:
• 1 part potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate
• 1 part granulated sugar
• 2 parts hot water

3.Soak strings or shoelaces in this solution

4.Twist/braid 3 strands together and allow them to dry

5.Check the burn rate to see how long it actually takes!!

FAST BURNING FUSE - 40 inches per minute

Materials needed:

• Soft cotton string
• Fine black powder (empty a few shotgun shells!)
• Shallow dish or pan


1.Moisten powder to form a paste.

2.Twist/braid 3 strands of cotton together.

3.Rub paste into string and allow to dry.

4.Check the burn rate!!!

Yup, homemade fuse is a risk. If you live in California and want some good commercial fuse I would take a road trip to a adjoining state where the laws are less stringent and buy some there. Better to be safe than sorry. I have a few other things I can add to this Thread, Just waiting to see where it goes. Its an impressive amount of smoke for such a small device.
i have done that a bunch of times, before, its in the anarchist's cookbook, lol i never added color though, or baking soda for that matter, fuse is easy to get, ebay sells fuse cord.

once that stuff lights, it burns HOT untill its all gone, be careful when your carmalizing the sugar, if you get it too hot, you can accidentally set off a batch in your pan, and trust me, it wont stop till its all burned up.
you can buy salt petre(potassium nitrate) online as well. the last time i did this i got a 5lb bag.. :D
dannifood4less said:
be careful when your carmalizing the sugar, if you get it too hot, you can accidentally set off a batch in your pan, and trust me, it wont stop till its all burned up.
Hahahahahaha. :lol:

I would love to see that in a YouTube vid...
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Here is something useful for someone with fuse lighted smoke devices. If there is interest or you don't understand the instructions I will post some pics for a small Tut. It comes from my IM handbook TM 31-210 Pg 153-154. Titled "Igniter from book of matches"

Basically you take an old fashioned book of paper matches, pop the staple out. Remove the cover with the striking surface and the match's. Wrap one row of match's around fuse, heads of match's at tip of fuse and tape in place.

Next Take the match book cover make it into a tube with striking surface inside of tube, make sure this fits tightly over the Match fuse assembly. You want the striking surface near the match heads. Fold the rest of the match book cover over and tape it. Now you have a pull type igniter for your fused smoke devices. Properly made and keeping it dry, works like a charm.

Note: the fuse must be secured in the device or you could accidentally pull it completely out. Rendering your device useless. Also practice safety, those of us who have done amateur rocketry have seen out fair share of accidents.

If you don't have experience working with chemicals you should seek out someone who has knowledge and is willing to show you in a safe environment. You only have one life and one body, be a shame to loose your life or a body part over ignorance. Be safe.
homsar66 said:
you asked for it. go to 1min 30 seconds to see where he screws up
rofl "oh s*** what did you do...Your done" lol that was so funny, but dangerous liek evil cineval...i know i mispelt.... oh yea evil con... whatever just died last friday. after all of his crazy stunts the only thing that could kill hm was lung cancer. thats why its important to alwears wear respirators and gloves and all safety gear possible, even if you end up looking like bubble boy :)
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