How to working slide on halo magnum

John pardee

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Step 1 cut a small rectangle into where you want your slide to rest.

Step 2: cut a small rod (I used plastic coat hanger )

Step 3: Line up your slide peices and mark where the rod will go than cut a small circle out
Step 4: glue one side to the rod once dry slide the rod with the one side glued into the rectangle once it is in you can glue the other side.

It's that simple



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That works pretty well. I tried to do that to mine but it kept getting stuck... I have also seen rubber bands used but there was a project I thought was amazing because it uses magnu.s and was built perfectly, but his channel, painted props, for some reason took down all his videos. The only place you can find it now is on a comunity Andrew dft video. If anyone hasn't seen this, YOU JAVE TO!

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