I Am So Pissed Off Right Now!


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I know this is a complete waist of a topic and has no right to be anywhere really, but i really need to blow off some steam, you can not possibly imagine how completely and utterly pissed off i am. Feel free to join me on how mad you are right now at anything, just get your anger out. I am trying very hard to hold in as much swears as i can but GGGGGOD! I am just shaking right now and have been for the past 30 minutes.

I dont have drama happen to me, i dont seek it out and i dont hurt people. i am always very calm, and nice and just a good person all around I like to think. I have a girlfriend who lives 1400 miles away from me, we didnt meet online, it isnt some internet relationship, i see her more than a married couple who's husband or wife is in the military. Everyone she knows knows that we are dating and i honestly can see my self marrying this girl. But i keep hearing crap about guys who are so damn sick who try and make a move on her. I am sorry, i realize this all sounds very immature, but i really cannot hold my anger in anymore. There have been countless attempts at these perverted ass' who try to persuade her into doing stuff with them, and she is thankfully loyal enough to walk away from it all and i love her for it. I've talked to some of these guys in person and most of them are finally giving up. But i am about to snap. I am still shaking as I right this.

Some dick just tried to make a move on her yet again and i am powerless to do anything about it until the next time i go down to see her this December.

Right now i am just going out to my garage to throw some aging computers that dont work and take a bat to them and just break the hell out of them.

Tell me how pissed off you are about what ever it is, and tell me what you did or are doing to take out your anger


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Yeaaah, maybe you should of smash those PCs before writing this.

Censor your words next time at least.

If you've got a real good relationship then don't worry about it.

Keep this stuff off the site, best of your ability.


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When I get a migraine, regardless of the medication I take, I ALWAYS end up puking and then basically passing out. And I'm getting one right now for no reason.


EDIT: HaloFreakX, he didn't write anything that's outside of the censor filter, so it's fine.


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Yeah, this really isn't the place for this.

You're better off finding another forum that deals with more of the real life personal kind of stuff or failing that talking to people face to face or in IM or something... :unsure