I can’t make a knife... oops...


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I apologize in advance if this isn’t the right place to post this.

So it’s been a while since I last posted, and I haven’t been able to work on my costume project over the last few months because of college. Now that I’m home for winter break, I decided to get started. (Though I know I definitely won’t be able to finish before going back for spring semester) I re-read all the tips and tricks I received from this website, and decided i should something simple. I chose to make a combat knife since it seemed like It could help me get acquainted with the process before moving on to bigger, more complex things.

I started with the blade of the knife, and while cutting the blade out from the foam board was simple enough, when I tried to cut it at an angle (I think they’re called bevel cuts, correct me if I’m wrong) and screwed the whole thing up. On one side I cut WAY too much off, and on the other, I could barely cut at all. I have attached photos for reference.

I am using an x-acto knife to do this. I was wondering if I should be using a different tool or if there was some technique for making these angled cuts. I know this is and important part of foam crafting and am eager to overcome this obstacle.

Thank you in advance!


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Yep! Most of us here on the forrums use some sort of xacto razor or box cutter knife. Levels are a little tricky to do sometimes, and require a very sharp blade. It looks like you are using HD foam, which is a great density, but depending on how you build the knife, I am not sure how stiff it will be (if you want it to be rigid). This is a very complicated cut to do, especially the drop point. I would suggest using a dremel at high speeds and working slowly and carefully to achieve a good sharp angle. If you dont have a rotary tool, some elbow grease and sandpaper will also work. Dont get me wrong, with patience and work you can carve out the edge with your xacto, but it may take a few tries and I think sanding would make your life easier


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You might want to try using a longer blade. You'll be able to make the angle and still cut all the way through. Using an exacto for carving is an art. It take time to develop the skill to cut the way you need it to. Try something like this:

Also, you need to make cut lines.....meaning, the point from where you want the cut to start to bevel toward the blade edge. If you check out Andrew DFT's YouTube videos, he explains and shows exactly how to do a bevel cut and how to keep it straight.


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dont saw it and make it one nice cut without stopping. If you didnt go all the way through you can do it again, but the more times you have to cut it, the less perfect it will be


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Try a hot knife. Makes cutting through foam easier.
(Look, I even got the .com amazon for you Americans :p)

I have to disagree.......I don't think going straight to a hot knife is the way to go. He needs more experience before going that route.


Oh and make sure you're using a blade that is either brand new or really sharpened. That helps make cleaner cuts with less to fix later.


Always keep your blades sharp. For those bevels I like to cut a huge chunk out in the general shape and size I need and then fine tune and shape with a rotary tool. If going that route do a little at a time gently. You can smooth the surfaces with regular sandpaper going up in grit as you go.
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