i finished helm base

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<div class="bbWrapper">i jus finish putting it togather so yeh i wanna no wat do i do next the resin or the fiber glassing? should i put foam for cushins in it too?<br /> <br /> sumeone plz answer me cuz i wanna finish near new years eve<br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline " title="IMG_0978.jpg" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-attachment35997" data-lb-id="attachment35997"> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-attachment35997" data-src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/img_0978-jpg.35997/" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.405th.com/forums/attachments/img_0978-jpg.35997/" data-url="" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="IMG_0978.jpg" style="" /> </div></div>


<div class="bbWrapper">hmmm u look like my friend brian wong............<br /> <br /> i would have suggested u kept the middle part until u fiber glass it because ti could warp now......</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">Finish the visor, resin, then glass it.<br /> <br /> Try to read around on the boards here before just posting and asking for answers. Trust me, your questions HAVE been answered before. <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite8" alt=":D" title="Big Grin :D" data-shortname=":D" /></div>
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