I got hit by a car.

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Spartan 270

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Ya last year my mom hit me with her car as she was backing out of the drive way. I got hit in the thigh and got flung on top of the hood. Funny story actually. Just wanted to share something kinda painful and funny.
if you were wearing mjolnir, you wouldn't have gotten hurt. remember that next time.
Ya lol. I didn't get hurt that bad tho. Just some bruzes and cuts. ;-)
If i had my armor on during the incident i would jump on top and hi jack it like a warthog. ;-)
Well glad no one got seriously hurt. I wrecked my stang into the concrete highway dividers last Sunday. I get it back in 3 weeks with a new paint job. :eek
Lol, if you were wearing MJOLNIR armor (real) the car would crumple inwards because of your uber-strength compared to our measly steel and alumium.
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