I have some sad news....My mom Passed away

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My mom
Mary passed away on New Years day at 3:30 PM :cry1:

She was the most Kind and thoughtful person that you could meet she will be greatly missed
I would like to ask you all to say a prayer for her and for me.

Thank You

Andrew :cry1:
holy crap dude i thought it was bad when my gramps passed away like 2-3 years ago but dude my heart goes out to you man :eek
Thank you all for your prayers
My mom was special, she always wanted to feed everyone
and if you said no thank you she would pester you until you said yes please. She cared about every one and wanted to help in any way she could. She would watch me play Halo and she would laugh every time I got my butt kicked and got frustrated because I had to start over,
It made me mad when she did that
but I knew she did not mean any thing by it. she liked to tease me
I told her about this site and showed her pictures of the helmet
that Blue Realm was making and she was amazed I do believe that some times she did not understand what helmet or prop came from a movie, but she was amazed non the less.

Be sides the molding and casting I do sand carving on glass or stone
and my mom liked everything I made. So I have plans to sand etch her Head stone, I think that will be a great last gift, and good therapy
for me also.
Her funeral is this Friday so in the days to come I may tell you guy about my mom, if that is Ok

Spartan 648
my grandpa died 8:00 new years day
ill be going to the memorial service this week-- {theres no funeral cause he donated his body to science, he had brain tumors}
I am very sorry for all of you and your losses.

Coping with the death of a loved one is never an easy thing, especially
when your are so close to them. And the longer you live the more time you'll go through this.

I have had several of my closest friends pass, and the summer my
Grandmother died, the very next day my cousin died. Going to two funerals in a week really sucks.

I am very sorry about your Mom...and your Grandpa.
Be with your family, and share your feelings. It helps. Remember them
well and they'll always be with you.

A member from another board posted this

Like life on this earth, even before you were born, your Mother prepared for you. She then taught you, protected you and started a path in life to help you become who you are today. She is, once again, preparing herself for your arrival. I know it's hard, but try not to think of her passing as a loss, it's not, one day you'll be together again.

God has her in His arms now. For do not worry, one day you will meet her again. Embrace the memories, shed the tears, laugh the embarassing moments, and you will find solitude. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God Speed to you and your family!
Friday January 5th 2007, Was my mom's funeral :(
Friday was the longest and the fastest day of my life
There was a large group of family and friends
I know that my mom was pleased.
I gathered together several items to place in her casket
The first item was a personal good buy letter to my mom thanking her for everything she has done for me in her life.
I made sure that she had her reading glasses
Two of her favorite pocket novels
A angel wall hanging I made for her
A cooking magazine, because she loved to cook
A pendent that I made her for mothers day 2006
It was engraved with a rose.
Her hearing aid, with a fresh battery (not that she ever used it. but I gave it to her just to be sure)
A few hand made Christmas ortments that her nephews 11 and 4 made for her
when she was in the nursing home.
A birthday card from her niece. It came late (after my mom passed) So I read it out loud for her
and made sure that she had it with her.
A going away card and a another angel from my friend and his wife and two daughters.
And I believe that I full filled all of my moms wishes.

I just wanted to share with all of you how my day went on Friday the 5th
Thank you all for your support and prayers and warm wishes
for me , my mom and family

When I can I will still share some memories I have of my mom

Thnaks again

Thanks for sharing. I can tell your love for her is very strong. I smiled while reading the list of things that were placed in her casket. Rest in Peace Mary.

My heart pains for you and your loses. The only advice is to stay strong and don't give hope, for a new sun always rises.
Death is a sad reality that we must all enounter in life. Stay with family and you can make it though rough times.
Yeah, i know its kinda late to reply about that, but im sorry dude, yeah, death can be a bitch, i lost my cousin about 5 months ago now, and just a few weeks ago, my great grandmother died. And it has been awhile since i last posted anything, dunno where i have been.
dude i am srryman i had my gandma nad gandpa passed away crape now i am all sad i am going to take a brake for a little so see u guys later
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