I think something broke (for me?)

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Hein B287

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So i was checking out all the different new post around the forums like i do every day. When i stumbled on the first strings of code for emoticons and such. Not sure if this is a temporary bug on the forum itself or if i have to do some cleanup to fix it.

Any ideas?

Or we could go back to old school emoticons like these: XD


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We've been working on it since last night.

Should be resolved now, or soon. You might need to update your Cache to get the fix in.
For the most part it is resolved, but there's still some lingering issues; the first I noticed was the timestamps all showing as "later_today_at_x"

And the second was the broken UI when hovering over a user's avatar (which seems related):
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yeah, I got this too, try checking the script and seeing what the code is set to, its probably mistaking code for a name, this usually happens if you code it wrong, and forget to let the computer know the code is not a name.
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There was an update to the forum that caused some issues but those all should be resolved now, including the later_today. If you're still finding any issues, please message me, but I believe they are all resolved.
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