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I was wondering if anyone had a full armor that they wanted to sell. (molded or pep) It dosent need to be painted, i just need the full armor with a visor for the helmet. Thx. :)MODS, PLEASE MOVE TO CLASSIFIED
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If you are willing to make armor yourself, a decked out suit can be made for 300 dollars. That being pepakura armor, then a huge tub of bondo, and a decent paintjob.
Yeah trust frosty...hes knows what hes talkin about. His is a very nice pep suit and it probaly wasnt much more than $300. Just make it your self.

( i have no room to talk. but i was like that at once)
Mine was $120+ but not over 130, I smoothened it all out by resining several times and sanding, but you can still always tell it's pep because of the thickness of the piece, and the fact it has no fine detail, only a few major details.

If I had to sell my suit, I'd sell it for $250, but I'm not interested in selling.
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