Link for EVA foam to buy?

Does anyone have a link to 8mm EVA foam that is not super expensive?
Lots of members are making costumes on budgets including myself I would typically spend around 10$ USD for four floor mats at harbor freight if you have one highly recommend it for being cheap it does dull your knife extremely fast so make sure to sharpen it!
Does anyone have a link to 8mm EVA foam that is not super expensive?
When I was making my foam ODST armour, I found that I could get the foam playmats squares used in preschools, for toddlers or used in martial arts for floor padding easiest, you might find something similar in a large toy shop, baby shop or gym shop near you.
There are a few online shops that sell different sized EVA foam in rolls, but depending on your location the cost of sipping might not be practical. I believe Michaels and similar craft stores sell EVA foam in their cosplay section, though I'm not sure if they have 8mm. Usually they have 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm. If you're looking to but a butt ton of EVA foam on the cheap, you might consider using floor mats as other members have suggested. I have a mk6 chief suit and a mk7 halo infinite suit that are both made from 12mm (1/2 inch) floor mats. They're quite easy to come by as you can buy them at walmart, home depot, canadian tire, or pretty much any hardware store, and their prices are quite reasonable. I recommend checking out the foam guide that Cadet posted earlier, as there's lots of helpful information there! Sounds like you're building something interesting, best of luck on your project!

Here are some pictures of the suits I have that are made from 12mm floor mats:
halochristmas2022-61 (1).jpg
TNT Cosplay Supply does offer clearance foam rolls - check their stock often to see when they get new imperfect products in! They sell them a good bit cheaper than regular price. Sometimes the foam will have just a small bubble in the corner, and it’s still perfectly usable.
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