What EVA foam should i try to buy if im forst starting out?

I would reccomend checking out our Foam Guide ad a good starter:

But if you are asking if you have to order special EVA foam for a Costume, or if you can just buy EVA foam from a place like Harbor Frieght, Canadian Tire, or other big box stores in the form of floor mats, then many of our builders have used the cheap basic foam floor mats to make amazing costumes.

Of course you will get just as many opinions on the Best Foam to use as their are foamsmiths out there, but, yes, you can definitely start off building use foam floor mats, most of us did before graduating up to the expensive specialty "Cosplay Foam."
Personally I still use plain ol’ floor mats for my suits. Both of these are made from 1/2 inch EVA floor mats from Canadian tire.
halochristmas2022-61.jpeg22-Halo Shoot Oct 28 hi res-22.jpeg
It’s definitely worth checking out the foam guide that Cadet linked above as well. You can get nicer foam from cosplay shops and stuff. You’ll be able to find different densities, thicknesses, and it will probably be more bubble-free and consistent than your average hardware store floor mat, but for me right now they do the trick!

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