Idea:squads, and or units (according to where you live)

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Idea:squads, and or units (according to where you live)

my idea is based off an idea I got from the 501st legion (they do star wars costuming like we do halo and other forms of costume)

why not have us form squads and units in the area that you live in, this way you can have a group of people in your area, you can plan events with, like convention gatherings, charity events, and such.

This is just an idea, I'm doing it for myself so I can have a group of people in my immediate area, I will be posting a thread to my squad.

If interested feel free to do so for yourself I'm putting this idea up for grabs for all users and other fans.

If you live in Florida, in the palm city area PM me and we can talk about the squad lay out, the squad is an open group.

If this is what you all want to do leave replies to this and I will help you all plan out the basics and other forms of things of that nature.

By the way if your in the state of Florida, near palm city or that've real area join my squad (ember: hence my name) if you want to join my thread is in my profile, and the regs and preferences
Are listed.
Pretty interesting idea. I was just thinking about that type of thing. Like having teams or groups in each state or area. That would actually be awesome. I don't know why no one has thought of this for the 405th before. I would be in on it.
This already exists.

It's not super well enforced, but there are actual sub groups similar to units. There won't be any tighter weaving to make it "official". It's a bit of a dead horse subject, but the basic summary is that the 501st has a "uniform" look to the armor and all and a very large fanbase, but the 405th is just about free expression of armoring, and the regiment system ruins the DIY fun the tighter you weave it. The things the bureaucratic systems like the 501st bring with it go contrary to the community experience of the 405th.

So the decision was to have the regiments but leave them incredibly super loosely formed. Some are just threads on the forum, others are facebook groups, others are just a few people who live near each other. The fandom of Halo armoring is just too small to warrant a strict system.

Here is the link to the California one:

Edit: Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see them be a bit more organized on the site, but from what I've seen there is a bit of a revolving door of people so it's hard to get people to stay dedicated to leading a regiment. A lot of people try migrating to facebook but it's a really awful idea. That site is not very good for creating an organized list of buildlogs and stickies and help threads. It's funny but fb is not a very good place for community things like the 405th. The organization of posts is just too cluttered being forced into two linear columns.
Here in Oregon, there's the 405th Infantry/64th Battalion/PDX Company "Hoods Hellions". This is the only one I know about (because it is local). Only a facebook page, though.
The largest obstacle to this is the fact that so many come and go on this site. I love seeing the enthusiasm in new builds, but the number completed is much different. It wouldn't hurt to list the area were you live though. You may be surprised how close you are to others.
Why not just have each squadron have a unique symbol that they can place on their armor somewhere? Maybe with some sort of rank system based on your forum status? It doesn't have to be super official, and it could go on the armor in many different forms, ie. badges, spraypaint, pips, etc.

By the way I'm in the Dallas, TX area.
I am actually forming a "squad" right now its and open enrollment group, but there is a bit of an interview process, if your out of my state, and such.
I'd love to get involved in some sort or squad system. I'm currently in Delaware if anyone else is near by.
@Kryios90: go ahead and form a squad don't just put up a say where you are, form one get a group of friends involved
201st odst BN of Tuscaloosa, so far there's two of us, goosebot5000 isn't in as of yet wish he was and his guys.

I've been running this group sense halo CEA three years back.
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