im confused help please.

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okay I want to make halo 3 odst armor. so I found your site and watched a lot of topics and searched for a few monthes and finally decided to register with a few questions. I am willing to spend a lot of money and put a lot of effort in this project will I be able to make my whole suit usable in airsoft wars (the highest our guns go is 450 so nothing to bad)? where do I want to start if I want to make it look good? if it is mold what kind of supplies will I need? thanks in advance for the answers. sorry for all the questions.
If you want to start with a molded suit (which I don't recommand) you must buy sulfur-free oil clay. Then you sculpt and mold.

I recommand starting with Pepakura. Easier, Cheaper. Very accurater when you put bondo on it.

And as long as it's molded or fiberglassed, it will resist 6mm BB impacts.
well it dependes if you are making the armor out of PEP or somthing else. i would sugest doing the helmet with PEP it would probably be the best way. :)
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