im making my armor from scratch

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so what do you guys think its made from scratch no pepakura or anythin just cardboard and it hasnt been bondoed yet but it will be so ya
Ironcobra3000 said:
thats my comment on this.
Now don't be too harsh, he is obviously new to the whole forums thing, and he DID make this from scratch, with cardboard. Now from what I've seen, that is not bad for cardboard. Granted he could have spent more time making it more accurate and proportioned, for a cardboard helm, it isn't that bad. Props to him. :lol:

Mobeus said:
Now that was just blatant trolling. Leave the poor guy alone, he is new to the forum scene. :mad:
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AoBfrost said:
I dont mean to be rude, but that isnt very good looking like you made us think it was.
Well now you look like an angel compared to the other very rude post above my edited one.
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Ok heres it comes.

The visor looks like it was based off sunglasses because it is 2-3 inches tall, the helmet doesnt have much detail and it looks warped, please use the edit button, but I applaud you for making something without pep.


And here I was posting in the thought that people could take a joke. Oh well.
It was never about the helmet, just the ridiculous amount of continuous posts.
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