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I thought it would be nice, so I tried on a other forum. It turned out nice, so I'll try it here. I make a brand new Interview, each week, with someone who will post in this topic (no flood).

Who's behind LastSpartan?
Actually, I'm 15 years old. I live in Quebec, Canada. I speak french, so this is why I put some mistakes :S

I love Halo more than all.

What's your gamertag? How did you invented it?

My gamertag is ConK3rS V2 (Feel free to add me ;) ) When I was Kid, (Before Halo, of course) my favorite game was Conker Bad fur Day. I played a lot. So I adopted it. Then, when I bought my first Xbox, my gamertag was .... ConK3rS ^^

So when I switch to my X360, For an unknown reason, I couldn't migrate my account. So ConK3rS V2 is born. (There's also ConK3rS v3 and soon ConK3rS V4 ^^ )

What's your (future) profession?

I want to skip University, and go to the "Ubisoft's Campus" here in Montreal. I want to be a 3D Artist.

What is your current props project?

Finish my pep helm for the Arcadia Game Convention (kinda small but..), and make some pub :)

What's your main objective for Halo 3?

Beat thos convenants, and finish the game, as often as I can :)

(I beat Halo 1 : 16 times and Halo 2 : 9 times ^^)

So, give out comments, and maybe, be the next person interviewed XD

PS : Sorry for the mistakes, feel free to correct me ;)
Parle vous francais? I was in french 3, but I'm not so good at it. Je voudrais ton ane. heh heh. J'ai un chat dans la gorge.

you should interview me sometime.
Maybe next week.

But it's Parlez vous francais? (Do you speak french?)

And the 2nd one is perfect! XD

For Halo 1, all difficulties, maybe 3 times Legendary, and a lot of Heroic. None on Easy ^^
Yeah, I thought it had the z, I wasn't positive though. I took 3 years of french fresh, soph, and junior year. I didn't go on to French 4 because I was tired of the teacher and it was getting too hard. But of course, she got a promotion and is now one of the Deans.

But yeah, back on topic. This interviews are really cool. Should we devise a list with more questions?
Of course!

And french is one of thoughest language XD

In the next interview, I'll had maybe a question about like what's the worst X360 game. For exemple ;)
Wait..wait...wait. How do you say.

1) Halo 3 is the best xbox 360 game. (in french)

2) Xbox 360 owns ps3 anyday (in french)

3) Halo 3 legendary (french)
Leadingspartan said:
Wait..wait...wait. How do you say.

1) Halo 3 is the best xbox 360 game. (in french)

2) Xbox 360 owns ps3 anyday (in french)

3) Halo 3 legendary (french)

1)Halo 3 est le meilleur jeu d'Xbox 360.
2)Xbox 360 bat la PS3 à tout les jours.
3)Halo 3 Édition Légendaire

That's it!
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Who's behind LeadingSpartan?
Kevin, I am in school and love doing props and drawing my hobbies include airsoft,prop making, paintball, and sometimes even lasertag with my little brother. I have 2 dogs ones named Adam and ones name is Bubbles. I actually live in Chandler, Arizona.

What's your gamertag? How did you invented it?
Kevinx001 well this was my first time on xbox live i used the random generator and got this as a first choice.
I currently have until November until my first membership ends i will be getting a new one this Christmas once i do i will post my gamertag here i dont want anyone stealing it.

What's your (future) profession?
Im aiming towards being a famous Arcitecht <- Yea I can't spell it lol; and/or a famous prop maker.
I want to be RICH! =p

What's your main objective for Halo 3?
Beat the capaingn on Legendary atleast 3 times with Link, Sean and Adam.
I want to get it at launch without preordering it.
I want to beat coop online with Lastspartan (From LastSpartan : Of Course we will!), Theblue, and Sarge Christi

What was the hardest achievements you unlocked?
Well im not really the achievement type person i just play for fun
but so far i unlocked 1 of the gears of war achievements on Medium Difficulty.
I do not get alot of Achievements but when i do i always celebrate.

What it the worst X360 game?
Quake 4 that games sucks its like playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure mixed with Mario Party, (I have 3 sisters so you know.) After i got it for Christmas i played it once after that i cut the disc in half and threw it in my recycle bin.

What is your favorite Halo?
Halo 1 so far i love all halos but when halo 3 comes out its at the top.
I loved halo 1s ending everytime i watched it i rebeat the level atleast 18 times
already on legendary. I cannot wait for halo 3 i have listened to all the podcast uncept the
last 2 since they wont get on my zune -.-.
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