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Hey Last Spartan nice job and
T pas tu seul a être Québecois. Les faute d'anglais t pas tous seul a les faire.


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New Interview, Ares!

Who's behind Ares?
A 12 (almost 13) year old who likes the military, ancient civilizations, Halo and things 20-year olds should like.

What's your gamertag? How did you invent it?

My gamertag is Nerdomancer. A kid in my school said it. So I stole it =D

What's your future/current profession?

Lawyer. Or video game story dude.

What is your current props project?

ATM, I have nothing. Hopefully a MC suit before the movie.

What's your main objective for Halo 3?

To find out the story, live it, and pwn some Covies.


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Bonjour derniers spartiates sont vous prévoyant le lancement du halo 3 ? Je l'aime ici et j'aime ces entrevues qu'elles sont impressionnantes et j'espère vous pouvez comprendre que mes Français me disent si j'écris correctement. Lol

Sarge Christi

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Wooh, i go before Adam. rofls.
Also, watch the double post ;)

I didn't know you wanted to be a laywer Ares, that's pretty sick.
You'd better get hella good grades.
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