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So here is my suit. Its SO AWESOME!!!!!



Took me a good 30 minutes to put everything on, so theres lots of pictures here. My dad is in two of them. Im holding a .22 Bullpup rifle. closest thing I had to a BR. My gosh that thing is hot though....

But Ill tell you what, I just may have a new arobics program. I think Ill lose a few pounds at Gamestop tommorow from all the sweat.....












Kudos to my sis for taking the pics.

Also the helmet is a rush pepkura job. Just to have something for the release.
well done, you said it was rushed but about how long did it take? I've already put 2 coats of resin on my helmet and I'm trying to get a basic idea of how much more time I'm going to have to put into the helmet.
thats made from Adam's molds right? so is mine. the only thing i noticed that that you shoulda took a heat gun to the chest and back a little bit. they dont line up at the top, and the bottom wings on the chest dont match up with the back's bottom wings. it took me a long time and a lot of heat, bending, and holding in place to get mine straight. mine still isnt perfect, but its a lot closer.

i know you dont want to risk messing up the suit by trying it this close to halo3 day, but its a suggestion for when you eventually tweak your suit later this year.

aside from that, its really clean looking! im impressed with the speed that you got it done!
Yep, its from adams molds. I spent all last weekend casting mine. All last week cutting and sanding and painting. Helmet is the product or 4 days of late nights. I need to add the vents tommorow. Ill be really working on that more for halloween.
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I hope you know that your cheast piece in one of the pics is coming off.
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Once Again:
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Double Post, Triple Post, Over Post, Post Tacular, Posting Frenzy, Posting Spree =p.

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damn you guys getting the molded copies!! i want one too!

ahh oh well, ill be happy finishing my pepakura suit before halloween, i think my V2 helmet should look really nice, its halfway built right now.
I dont think they "have" the molds themselves guys its very unlikely that Adam would sell the molds to anyone

when they say it is cast from Adams molds they just mean that the armor itself came from the mold IE: "They bought the armor from Adam"
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