I've returned. Somewhat. Also - Jackal Shield.

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So... Dunno if anyone remembers me but I was the person who made the grunt costume and jackal costume, back in 2008-2010-ish.

Grunt: http://randomflyingpigeons.devianta...?q=gallery:randomflyingpigeons/25581781&qo=16

Jackal: http://randomflyingpigeons.devianta...?q=gallery:randomflyingpigeons/25581781&qo=11

Some of you also may remember I had blueprints for a Hunter costume. Sadly, college happened and destroyed my time, energy and finances for that. Maybe I'll make it someday, but for the time being it doesn't look like it will happen. I have other costume pursuits at the moment.

Regardless, reason I've stopped in was because I have a little problem. I'm selling the plasma shield I made for my Jackal costume, but I know the classifieds section rules say something against linking to another site. I'm selling it on ebay though...thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?

(In hindsight I also decided to put it up for sale at the worst time, when everyone is spending money for xmas. So yeah. I put the price a bit higher than originally because if someone bids, I'll get good money. If they don't, I'll be able to relist it on a place such as here or some other sell-things-you've-made site. But that's neither here nor there.)

Anyway, nice saying hi and seeing how this place is looking. I pretty much stopped coming here around the time of the last major site crash I remember happening.
Not open for further replies.