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Living in Japan, kind of curious and want to see whats here for Japanese cosplayers. I understand the language barrier might be very hard to overcome but thought to ask. Does 405th have a Japan Regiment? I was very surprised to see the Singapore Regiment channel in the Discord.


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Hi Shawn, I have moved your topic to the "Questions and Support" section as it has more to do with the operation of the 405th than the Halo Universe discussions that the other section is intended for.

We do not currently have a Japanese Regiment. In order to form and maintain a Regiment, an area needs to have at least 10 active members participating on the Forums. When we formed our initial Regiments, we did not have any active members in Japan. We actually did not have any active members in Singapore when Regiments were first formed either. However, a group of 10 folks got together there, became active, and submitted an application to form their own local Regiment, which was approved, and then formally founded.

If you can find 9 other folks who are interested in being engaged with our Community, we are happy to explore the possibility of forming a Japanese Regiment.
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We are also looking at ways to support areas that are close together, but separated by country and language to help areas like Japan grow. We hope to have that sorted out in the near future but as Cadet has mentioned, if there are more in Japan that may be interested, please gather them together so we know what the initial interest might be!
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