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Thanks very much nrettenmaier! I'm glad you like the thread. :D

If you can hold out for about another week or so I should have the revised AR blueprints up. There's lots of little changes/corrections (most of which weren't visable to you guys) and a few bigger ones. The grip will be a bit wider as well as the butt and butt pad.

Thanks for the reference pics!

Here's some additional info:

We CNC'd one half of the AR at your original dimensions of 880mm (34.6"). The size is perfect. In fact we agreed that 31.5" is too small. If you look at the pic from the Bungie article, it does look a bit small. Keep in mind that ideally, the person would be wearing a suit of armor. In my experience erring on the bigger side is a safer bet. Too many gun props end up too small after all the armor and costuming is put on.
Thanks for the input about your build RSloan. Honestly, I think any size between 800mm and my original 880mm would be fine for this build, but I'm going with the 800mm on the revised blueprints for a number of reasons- one, because it'll bring it in line with one of the few (if any?) props (of a sort) that Bungie themselves have made and released the blueprints for. Two, at 800mm it's still longer than bullpup assault rifles currently in service such as-

The Steyr AUG

The TAR-21

The LA85A1

And the FAMAS

All of which look fine (IMO) and come in at under 800mm. Three, it is a bullpup, it's supposed to be compact. As for with armour on, I've seen many images of guys in full kit sporting these and I still think they look okay.

RSloan said:
On the other hand, the cut out that you're holding does look well proportioned. Remember though, that cut-outs can be deceiving to the eye since they're 2D parts that slope away or into the gun will appear a bit small. It's hard to explain, but I think you probably get the idea.
Obviously the cutouts I do are just for representation. I spent about eight hours transfering that accurately onto ply board and cutting it out to give as good a impression of size as possible. I think most people including myself are aware that it is only a 2D representation of a 3D object though.

RSloan said:
As for your width. Yes it's too narrow! That 7.52 round would never pass thru the mid section of the gun with those recesses. I've scaled my model up to accommodate a 7.62 round all the way down the barrel, to the magazine.
Hmm, well I think you'd find that the width would be fine especially if you were using it scaled at 880mm. I'm fairly confident there's enough meat there. It is possible though that if the recessed areas do cut into the barrel it's to provide more surface area to assist with cooling such as in the fluting on some big bore firearms. That would make sense for a 7.62mm assault rifle.

RSloan said:
The dimensions that we're going to go forward with at this point are: 34.629" x 2.564" x 10.902"
Sorry RSloan I don't understand the extra that you've added to the width. My original's width was 64mm or 2.520''. Am I to understand that you added .044 of an inch to make it wider?:confused

Sorry to anyone waiting on revised or new blueprints to be posted. Please be aware that I do work on them each day of the week but with limited time it's only for short periods. I'll have them up ASAP.;)
Hey guys I just wanted to run this by you guys to make sure I'm thinking right here. On a normal rifle, when you pull the bolt back in order to chamber a round there is normally an opening in the bolt which allows the brass to be ejected after it is fired. However, on the AR, since its a bullpup, the opening should be at the ejection port (back right side of the gun) not at the place where you actually pull the bold back (above the trigger on the left side of the gun) right? There (above the trigger on the left side of the gun) it should just be a solid rod right?

This makes sense to me but I've never seen a bullpup in person so I just wanted to see what you guys had to say on it.


Yep, well sort of. The bolt (positioned behind the round) comes back and drags the shell back with it via a small claw which locates in those grooves that you see at the back of a bullet, and ejects it. So the openings not actually in the bolt, it's in the receiver.

There are also plenty of exceptions to that cocking handle location in standard assault rifles and sub machine guns too. The M4 being the first to spring to mind, it's charging bolt is that T (if looking from above) at the back just above where the butt starts and just below the scope rail.

You can see the ejection ports (where the shells are ejected) in all the pictures I posted above directly above the magazine.


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Great work on these drawings, Joe! I can't wait to get some time in the shop to work on some of them.;)

The first rifles that come to my mind to show how the charging handle can be located far away from the bolt and ejection port are the ones manufactured by H&K (G3, HK33, etc.). They're not bullpup's but their charging handles tend to be way up at the front of the forearm, while the receiver is in the center of the weapon's length.


Well glad everyone likes the blueprints, and I'm hoping you like them even more now that I've tidyed up the first post.

The two non-canon blades are removed and replaced by a link.

Emile's Kukri is revised and now has it's sheath available, as well as a few new reference pictures.

The MA37 is revised, tidyed up, and re-scaled to the Bungie dimensions.

Buck's Bowie Sheath and the Reach Combat Knife Sheath are revised, tidyed, and resized in their title blocks so that when they're printed out they'll correspond accurately size wise to printouts of the knives. This also goes for the kukri and any further knife blueprints that I do.

I may take a little break from the Halo blueprints for a while now. I know it seems like I haven't posted anything for ages but in reality I've been working non-stop (in my allocated blueprinting time) on the update that's just been posted. I want to look at doing some furniture for myself and the little lady.

So I hope you all enjoy what's here and I'll probably look into some new blueprints from Reach early in the new year, I'll still be hanging on the forums so any questions just make a post.;)


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Question since if i want to print that blueprint and everytime I print it only print on one page and is not in correct size so I wonder anyone have idea how to make it to normal real size print so i can easy measure and do it right? thanks :)


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Question since if i want to print that blueprint and everytime I print it only print on one page and is not in correct size so I wonder anyone have idea how to make it to normal real size print so i can easy measure and do it right? thanks :)
Um, My first suggestion.

1. Get the measurements off the wiki.
2. Open up photoshop (or similar).
3. Create a new document using the width of the weapon.
4. Insert the side view of the blueprint into this document.
5. Using this side image, copy and paste the other views (if needed) and scale them to the size of the side view and cut and paste them into their own images.

You will more then likely have to break the image up into smaller pieces, so you can cut them out and paste them into new images in A4 (or letter, whatever you use) and print them.

Or at least that's what I'd do.


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awesome drawings!
i'm working on a Nerf assault rifle for my suit,
this wil help me allot for cutting out parts on MDF.
keep up this awesome stuf!



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are smaller once sheathed.


Note the sheath, in the center is the blade. Now note the knife, it's freaking huge compared to the allowed space in the sheath. Most likely done to have the knife show better in the game, otherwise it's close to a Kbar1212 knife with a hardcase. lol

Very nice Blue Prints Btw.

You wouldn't happen to have a DMR print would you?


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Nice work on the AutoCAD drawings. I'd love to see them in their native format- do you share your dwg files ever? As someone mentioned earlier, if you ever need help with AutoCAD I'm an AutoCAD instructor, architect and also have been an Alpha and Beta AutoCAD testing site- and I've been an avid AutoCAD user for about 25 years I know the software pretty well. In fact, if you ever manage to find the AutoCAD credits Easter Eggs, my name has been in it for over a decade or more. So if you ever have any questions on how to do something with it, please don't hesitate to ask!