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Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Cosmonaut, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Cosmonaut

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    So I've given up on a lot of builds because I got bored but I want to commit to this one. A model I got for this helmet doesn't do so well when put into Pepakura; it unfolds weird and makes a thousand pieces if you use the auto unfold function. Also when I try to make my own open edges with the edge selection tool it says it runs out of data or memory.

    If you'd like you can download the file in the link I gave, extract Helm_V1 and then open it up with Pepakura designer. I'm not sure if it's having problems because of the type of file it is or if I need to condense it because it says Pepakura runs out of data or memory.

    I really don't know why it's so messed up, I hope to hear your responses soon and get building!
  2. mblackwell1002


    Well...the problem with that model is that it's 3D printing quality, not Pepakura quality. It is super high resolution, so it will definitely not work in Pepakura. Look for a low-resolution model. You can ask the guy if he has a lower resolution model. He probably does.

    And I should also mention that the Auto Unfold tool in Pepakura is pretty much useless. I guarantee that you will not find success using the tool. Before unfolding, click the "Pick Open Edges" tool and start working on unfolding that way. After that, you can unfold the model.

    I hope this helps, and good luck!
  3. Cosmonaut

    Cosmonaut New Member

    Merci mon amie!
  4. macktruck

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    You could load the high poly model into blender (free) use the decimate modifier and delete the inner wall. The model has around 325,000 faces currently.
  5. Gunthar1895

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    I have 3 3d printers if you want some help I could run it for you youhave to cover the cost of plastic at the moment there running full bore on my Anubis armer and rail gun but I should be done the middle of november if your interested.
  6. Gizinski117

    Gizinski117 New Member

    hey could you help me out with a 3d printing I would love to 3d print my suit or at least some of it.

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